Small Business Predictions: What Awaits Your Investment for 2013

Now that another year has started, is your business ( Business Predictions for 2013 ) prepared for what may happen? Are you all set to reach your goals for the year 2013? Know what’s in store for your investment and if you’ll gain more sales this time.

Some business investors and experts have already shared their 2013 predictions for small businesses. These ideas can give you a glimpse on what can happen this year. We’ve gathered some of those thoughts and shared here to help you plan for your company or store.

Small Business Predictions: What Awaits Your Investment for 2013

1. The economy is still growing no matter what.

Even when people are constantly saying that it’s the economy’s fault for losing customers and sales, it’s still seen that there is growth happening. As recorded on the U.S. GDP growth, there is an increase of 3.1 percent for the third quarter. This simply means that even when some factors are affecting the economy’s climb, a positive mark can still be noticed.

So if you work out on how you market your business, then you won’t have to blame the economy anymore. You’ll notice that your sales and number of customers are all together rising.

2. Online businesses are still a hit this year.

Aside from the convenience that online businesses bring, many are fascinated on the quality of shopping and customer service that ecommerce stores provide. With a data gathered from survey, it has been recorded that revenue of 361.90 billion dollars will be made by online companies by 2016.

These figures can already explain to you how large and profitable the online market can be. So if you already have a brick and mortar store, then be sure to venture on online business too. It’s an added avenue for greater marketing opportunities.

3. Social media will continue to be the voice of customers.

It cannot be denied that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the channels for people to express themselves online. This is why online reputation management is now necessary to build your brand’s image. Every customer that is either pleased or frustrated with your offer can easily spread the word about it with just one online post.

Be able to build the right character for your business by maintaining interaction with your Facebook fans or Twitter followers. Post regular updates or simply ask your friends or followers on how their day was. This interaction can lead to a good impression for you.

You might also want to check out other social websites that you can also take advantage of like Pinterest or Instagram. With these photo-sharing sites, you can show people actual images of your product, how it’s made, and other fun photos that will perk their interest.

4. Marketing through visual content is gaining its spot.

The use of infographics, videos, and slideshow presentations are becoming more popular. People are more interested on materials which are easier to understand. This is why visual content is starting to gain pace on online marketing. With the convenience and accuracy of data presented by these materials, you can’t go wrong in explaining what you have to offer to your customers. Plus, it wouldn’t have to take long for them to figure out if your service or product is worth the try.

Try coming up with an infographic about the top mobile phones of 2012 if you’re in the mobile industry or create a presentation on how to use your newest product. Be creative for people to find your visual content impressive and interesting.

By being able to work your way on these small business predictions, it won’t be hard to survive the year 2013. With the right marketing strategies, you can even gain the spot that you wish for your business.

Know what your customers want and stay true to what you’re offering. Remember that it’s another year to gain success, so be prepared and gear up your investment for it to survive the demands of the growing market.

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  1. Of Course Social Networking will never loose its boom as it virtually Advertise Your brand. And the use of Infographics reduces reader’s effort as it’s easy to understand “Screenshots” rather than “Descriptions”. Thank You Roxanne

    • Thank you, Ravi! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It’s true that social networking will continue to grow this year and maybe for the next years too. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome, Ravi! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this post. There are really changes happening in technology and demand that are worth checking this year. 🙂

  3. Mukesh Dutta says:

    Nice post and great predictions! I believe online businesses will be a hit not just this but for many years to come. It’s just the beginning! Thanks!

    • Hi, Mukesh! Thank you for the kind words. You’re right on that one. Online businesses will just keep on booming for the next years. 🙂