5 Ways to Test Logo Designs

Every business owner know they need a logo to establish and brand their business. Unfortunately, the design of the logo is often left to the last minute when time and funding are short. Testing the design can be relatively cheap and painless. Before choosing an emblem that will brand a business for years to come it is a good idea to test the effectiveness of a logo design. Testing the logo design before adding it to marketing materials, promotional products, websites and signage can prevent a costly redesign down the road. Here are 5 avenues to gain feedback about a new logo before letting it brand a business.

Mixed Logo Design Elements

Forum Testing

One way to test a logo is to post the logo design on logo forums like Creattica and Estetica. Asking the professionals in these forums for their opinion can provide great insight into what is right or wrong about the logo design. Keeping notes of the responses and asking for clarification when will help perfect the logo and possibly introduce you to a new designer. Increase the value of the response and feedback by providing more than one version of the design on the forum for feedback.

Social Media Testing

Social Sites like Stumbledupon, Facebook and Pinterest are also an excellent place to test a new logo design. The design can be posted asking for help or it can be posted simply as a design. Look to measure shares and positive vs. negative feedback. Consider introducing the design into social sites that have a similar demographic to the customer base of the business. Tools available for free on the website Alexa make it easily possible make sure that the social sight used for testing reflects the demographics of potential customers. On Alexa, country, age, sex and other demographic information about viewers are available for most of the websites in the world.

Use Heat Mapping Tools to Test Logo Design

Another way to test the logo design is to divide your website into A/B testing. This sends 1/2 of a web site’s traffic to one page and half of it to another. On one page place the logo near the call-to-action points on a webpage. On the other remove the logo entirely. Then using a heat mapping tool like Click Density compare the response rates of viewers. If the call-to-action points with the logo are showing a significantly higher response rate it is obvious the logo is a winner. It is also possible to do this same type of testing using two different versions of the logo.

Use Promotional Product Testing

Promotional products are a relatively inexpensive way to test the popularity of a logo design. Promotional product companies like Go Promotional also have the added attraction of helping businesses with logos every day. Ask the products representative for their opinion and why they like or do not like the logo. Then print up a short run of promotional products and take them to a trade show that has potential customers. Have two bins filled with the promotional items sporting two versions of the logo. Then let the customers choose the one they want to take. Track the results. These results can be further tracked using different VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone numbers on the products and then measuring the response rates as calls are funneled into the business from the promotional products.

Use a Survey

Sometimes the best way to decide on a new logo is to let the customers decide. Place a standard survey online or create a prize drawing that requires a survey for entry. Then simply let the customers explain why they like one logo over another. This testing approach has added value because it can be used to simultaneously collect potential customer information at the same time.

Testing a logo takes time but it provides not only a good source of information about the best logo for the business but also information about customer preferences for colors and shapes that can prove valuable for merchandise selection and many other choices. Not testing a logo often means costly losses in marketing and huge potential expenses for redesign. Test a logo to brand a business well.

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  1. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Hi nice Post Matt, Recently I tested my logo on Facebook , social media is the best option to get feedback because people are more active in social sites, also you can add a feedback form in your blog.

    Good Post..!!

    • rakesh kumar says:

      You are right nishant even you can get positive or negative feedback instantly on social media. even you can try this on plateform like twitter also.

  2. I don’t mind testing the logo designs on social networking but don’t you think it will give them chance to copy it?

    • Matt Thames says:

      You could probably watermark it, or put some sort of trademark, property of over or under it.

  3. Anchit Shethia says:

    Friendly forums are moderators can help in getting the best out of your logo by giving positive or negetive comments.
    If none other, forums are best place unless you don’t spam 🙂

    • Matt Thames says:

      Yes, Spam is very annoying! Luckily most sites allow you to moderate, so you can weed out those spammy comments.