Top 10 Tips to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

In the last article on Affiliate marketing category I explained why I prefer Affiliate marketing over Google Adsense. Today i am going to share some tips to become a successful affiliate marketer.
Tips to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate marketing is the marketing which one does for someone else and gets paid on their behalf. They can be a big source of revenue and the key factor is to engage the readers. Unlike traditional advertisements where one is paid for impression or clicks, affiliates are paid only when the specific action is performed. Since affiliate marketing is a vibrant domain, one needs to understand the techicalitieis associated with it. Here are the ten tips to be a successful affiliate marketer.
1. Understand your audience– This is the first step in affiliate marketing as one has to understand the needs of the audience. Consider the fact on what are you providing and what the people want. It is then only you will attract people to your website.

2. Be helpful– Along with content use affiliate marketing advertisements as additional resources. Give value to your content by making it informative as well as useful

3. Select carefully – there are different types of products as well as services in the market. Take some time off and reflect on the fact that what products as well as services your readers will like. Along with it keep on changing your advertisements on a regular basis to keep the audiences interested.  In hindsight it may take some time for you to derive the magic formula.

4. Be transparent – Always disclose your affiliations. The readers will appreciate your honestly and  will feel a sense of belonging to your product as well as service

5. Provide timeless content – In keeping up latest trends and cashing in on the long term opportunities as far as possible provide timeless content. In fact many platforms provide you the option of “ most recent” and the old content will definitely provide value for money.

6. Be patient– Affiliate programme is not a one day phenomenon. One needs to understand that certain programmes offer life time payouts and the affiliate revenue builds over time.

7. Stay relevant– Try and be updated with the latest affiliate programmes as far as possible. One should not get lazy in monitoring new trends as well as opportunities.

8. Be trustworthy– In the world of today readers are savvy. If the trust of the readers is broken they will never come back. In the overall context, honesty is a factor which will take your business long ahead

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9. Try different programs– If you feel that a particular programme is not working, try a different one. It needs to be understood that all affiliate programmes are not the same. Some may offer more flexibility along with better colours as well as designs.  If possible try to find out whether your favourite vendor to run their own affiliate programme. Sometimes it is difficult to find the source and one is not limited to any affiliate networks

10. Prioritize your content – Of all the things content comes first. The content is the life blood of the business and the stepping stone as well. If things could be put in right perspective a good articulated content means have the job done.

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  1. Kulwinder Singh says:

    Thank you Amit bro for this post, affiliate marketing is at its top and i think every blogger wants to test this awesome and powerful strategy to make money. This post will help them very well who want to start affiliate marketing.

  2. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    I am looking forward to starting with affiliate mktg soon. Thanks for the valuable tips listed by you above.
    I totally agree with you over the fact that aff mktg is a much better source of generating income than adsense. While adsense earnings come drop by drop, aff mktg earnings come by torrents if only you know which products to endorse and have a decent traffic to your blog.
    Can I ask you, btw, why you wont write about aff mktg again?

  3. Well honestly Thank You amit because I have just started my Blogging and i really dont want to rely upon adsense as it is very stupid and Blocked many accounts without any reason.

    • You might be violating some rules; I think Adsense wouldn’t just block your account for no reason at all. A website I own that offers binary course guide conform with the rules of adsense.

  4. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Yeah, only one thing I care about is the proper product which will be useful for the buyer and thats for what I got my first check from ClickBank for Affiliate Marketing. 🙂

  5. Nice post on affiliate marketing. I think for affiliate marketing the very first thing we need is to attract tons of targeted traffic and try to understand the audience. After that on the basis of audience coming to our site we should select products.

    Affiliate marketing is surely is a good way to earn good money.

    Nice write up Amit. bachha bara ho gya hai 😛 :P. Keep it up 🙂 🙂

    • rakesh kumar says:

      This is exactly , what i feel about affiliate marketing. We should not start / join any affiliate program immediatly. First of all try to check which type of audience you have, from where your traffic are coming and what type of contents are consumed on your site. Without these stats how can you become a successful affiliate?

  6. Hi Amit Sir

    Thank you for this helpful tips.. Understand your audience is the main point for Successful Affiliate Marketer…


  7. Nice and useful tips Amit! After reading your post and response, really wanna get into the affiliate marketing. I bookmarked this page and hope these top tips would help me to do better. Thanks for sharing, please keep writing.

  8. I prefer affiliate marketing than Adsense since it has potential growth and we can earn huge bucks. With these tips we can scale it our affiliate marketing strategies, thanks to the tips 🙂

  9. Tauseef Alam says:


    I do agree with you Amit, if someone really wish to become a successful internet marketer he should write helpful content on his blog & should build relation with their readers. Gradually when he’ll win the trust of readers, blog followers will start accepting your recommendation.

  10. Mohd Aktar says:

    Hello Amit,

    Nice one dude. It is very nice to read your tips regarding Affiliate Marketing. All the above tips are more practical and seems based on your experience.

    Keep sharing mate.

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Chitraparna says:

    If you want a very sure shot product where earning is guaranteed, there are only two – dating & adult products. People lap them up easily 😛

  12. Affiliate Marketing can be a great if you find the right niche and focus on key ‘buying’ words when promoting your website. Apart from Clickbank and Commission Junction, which platform(s) would you recommend for finding affiliate products to promote?

  13. Gautam Doddamani says:

    listed some really nice points amit…especially the first one…if we dont know what we are giving out to our will they know what to take from us? i will try these techniques out and see the change 🙂

  14. Affiliate marketing is not my cup of tea. till now i am able to sell only one product. after reading this post, i understand the reason. thanks for share. i am going to start Affiliate marketing once again

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