5 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Job Search

Blogs are excellent platforms from which individuals may communicate with outside audiences. We use them to share recipes, bicker about our personal problems or to discuss other points of interest. In short, blogs are the journal of the 21st century. Blogging, aside from personal vanity uses, may also aid individuals in bolstering their chances of landing a great job. How? Well, let’s talk about that.

Ways Blogging Can Help Your Job Search

1. Show off Your Talent

The greatest pro of blogging during a job search is that it’s a chance to show off. Blogging provides the opportunity to show that a) you know your professional industry, b) you can speak about it confidently and c) you know how to WRITE. The last part is particularly important, as if you are familiar with the job search scene you know that a vast majority of positions require “excellent communication skills,” which this is part of.  Additionally, if your professional goals specifically involve writing, a well-developed blog provides the opportunity to compile a portfolio of samples which prospective employers may read.

2. Show Your Personality

In addition to giving a preview of your work, your blog is an opportunity to share your personality with employers.  Good, honest writers inject bits of themselves into what they write, much the same way that great actors show their personalities in each character they play.  If you are a witty and intelligent person, for example, it doesn’t hurt to show that you are lighthearted in your blog, so long as you also display that you know your stuff!  Remember that employers like to have an overall impression of you, because they often want to see how you’d “mesh” with the group.  You’ll provide this even BEFORE the interview stage.

3. Move Beyond the Advertisement

What do we mean by advertisement?  Your resume, of course.  Your resume is this document which, in essence, is your billboard containing things you’ve done professionally and skills you believe you possess.  Related to the opportunity to show your talent, moving beyond the advertisement says and displays your expertise, which allows prospective employers to feel engaged with you.  Additionally, great blog content becomes much more fun to read than a list of your former jobs.

4. Make Connections

Blogging affords opportunities to reach and connect to other professionals or at least people with similar interests.  Many blog communities, such as WordPress, allow users to “follow” each other’s blogs.  If you find a common ground with another user—connect to and follow them and vice versa.  This puts the resources right in front of you to learn about new things (by reading the posts of others) and maybe talking to someone else about what they do.  Additionally, if your own blog gains a following, this serves to increase your credibility.  Still more, if you link between your blog and social media platforms like LinkedIn, more networking opportunities will emerge on those types of sites.  These professionals may even wish to meet you, syndicate your work, provide freelance opportunities and more.

5. Give Employers More to Chew On

When you finally do get a job interview, emotions will likely run rampant.  You’re excited.  You’re nervous.  That’s understandable.  Sometimes you just don’t know how in depth to go in your responses to interview questions or you forget to mention things.  Of course, it is important to try your very best in an interview and to share pertinent information.  However, if you feel as though your work can add to what you’ve said or even explain it better than you can in person, share that blog link with the employer!  Before you leave, emphasize that if they haven’t already, you’d love for the employer to see your work in action via such-and-such link. Write it down for them, have it on your resume or indicate that you will email it upon returning home.

These are just a few ways that blogging can help you find a job. Other pros of blogging include your work being found in internet searches and even developing a strong enough interest in a subject (or in blogging!) to study it further and pursue it as a career.  In today’s employment sphere, there is a growing need to prove yourself quickly and effectively, and those who do are at an advantage. Put your blogging chops to work spreading the word about your talents!

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  1. Nishant Tripathi says:

    Thats was very kewl…i ve never thought of putting my blogging experience in my resume. wow that will work super as i am from computer field and my blog is also so…. thanks for sharing such an awesome idea… I am going to update my resume today… though I am kinda frustrated from my present job even..

  2. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Yeah Tracey, very neat post. The best part is the making connection with other blogger friends. That’s not only as a formality but you will always get good company and honest learn part from them regarding your personal life as well fun part.

    So, mostly I like making new blogger friends. 🙂

    • Tracey Bauer says:

      Hello. Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, blogging is definitely and excellent friend-finding tool.

  3. Hi Tracey..

    Blogging is the most effective way to show off your talent.. Thanks For this Great tips.. 🙂


  4. Gautam Doddamani says:

    blogging is my one stop where i can really show off to my future employers..hehe it seems awesome that i am already working towards it! 😉

  5. Narender Chopra says:

    Yeah, That’s the guide to prepare for upcoming years.Making connections using social media and perfect use of LInkedin can provide a good job chances.

  6. hello
    Tracey Bauer
    thnx for these nice tips and points really enjoyed the read will share it with my other friends too . 🙂

  7. Anil Agarwal says:

    Building connections is perhaps the only way you can use blogging to find high paid jobs. But again, it’s not easy if you don’t know how to leverage your connections.