10 Useful Domain Name Generator Tools for Picking Your Best Domain Name

As the online popularity is growing, more and more users are creating websites for their business or the blogs. So getting short and popular names, searching each domain is very time consuming. Thanks for the domain generating tools which makes the task simpler by generating the multiple word combinations by providing filters like categories, suffix, prefix & creating the best domain name from these words.

10 Useful Domain Name Generator Tools for Picking Your Best Domain Name

1. Domainsbot :

Domainsbot is one of the most popular tool used by many users. The search is very fast and contains many options to filter the search like searching the domain name for the selected domain extension, using synonyms, option to add prefix & suffix to the domain, you can exclude the domain names having dashes and numbers and limit the domain length characters. There is an option to search premium domains for sale at Sedo and Godaddy filtering by price range. The available domains can be searched by unchecking Premium domain.

2. Namestation :

Namestation lets you search for the domain name using their name generators which creates domain names with different combinations of dictionary words, overlapping words and merging words. Namestation has the domains names listed under almost all the categories which are contributed by the namestation members and the best part is anybody can become the member and  participate in the name contents where member will earn cash rewards if the domain name is picked or voted.

3. Nxdom :

Nxdom is a very simple & with less filters it lets you search for the more meaningful names. The Search results will be based the character length, using numbers or dashes in the domain name with popular prefix and suffix. The Readability filter can be used to create the combination of languages like English, Spanish, French and German.

4. Nameboy :

In Nameboy, you can enter the search word in Primary word and Secondary word, search results will provide all the possible names generated which is differentiated using the colors and the status whether the domain is available or not.

5. Leandomainsearch :

Leandomainsearch tool is very simple with just text box and the search button and no filters are available. The search results generate all possible combination and list both available and free domains up to 300 domain names. The search limit can be increased by upgrading membership to premium.

6.  Domainhole :

Domainhole has got many interesting tools to search expired domains,the namespinner which lets your keyword searched with popular categories like business terms, financial terms, sports combined with hundreds of English words, the name generator lets you to generate random domain names based on the name length. Brainstormer is an ultimate tool which checks for the variations where letters are randomly swapped and checks for the availability of the domain. The best tool is domain drop, it’s a domaining game to discover domain names.

7. Wordoid :

Wordoid is simple but effective tool to generate the best domain name. You can set the limit of the word starting from 5 and the search results will be based on natural sounding using different languages of English, Spanish, French, Italian & German.

8. Domain-o-matic :

Domain-o-matic search results are based on the categories which are listed in the dropdown. There are different categories like appearances, fruits. Colors, shapes, numbers , alphabets. The tools lets you to combine different category combination, also if required add your own keyword to generate a new word for a domain.

9. Domainfellow :

Domainfellow is bit similar to domain-o-matic but has more categories and advanced options for searching prefix or suffix wise. If you have bulk list of domains to check, you can use multiple domain or custom domain feature.

10. Namechk :

Namechk is very unique from other sites listed here as it not only checks for the availability of the domain name but checks for the name availability more than 100 social networking and bookmarkings site. Note:  This tool is not a domain name generator but lets you check the name whether it is free for domain purchase and whether name can be created in social media. This is the best tool if you looking at searching same name availability status in the domain name and all social sites.

Many of you might be using different tools there, please let me know if any interesting domain name generator tools available apart from this list.

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  1. rakesh kumar says:

    This is a great collection of tools, but which one is the best to select a proper domain name. Kindly suggest me lokesh as i am in a process of aquaring a new domain name for my new niche site. 😉

  2. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Wow, many of my friends who are going to start their blog are really confused of the domain name. Well domain name is really special in case of blogging. It plays a very important role in your success.

    Your domain name is simply becomes a part of your life as like your own bonus organ in your body. So, surely I ‘m gonna promote and refer it to my friends who wanna start their blogs. 🙂 Surely they will find it useful.

    • Ashwani, Its true, Domain Name is very important to establish a brand and selecting catchy words requires right tools which should save the time and should help in selecting the right name.
      These tools make the task simpler in selecting the right names for the blogs or business. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Rakesh, All the tools listed above are the best, I Suggest you to try Domainsbot as few of my domains were selected from this tool.

  4. Lokesh, You have consolidated an excellent collection of domain name generating tools. Really am searching for this, coz I am gonna buy a new domain now. Hope this post would help the newbies and bloggers on blogspot blogs to get a new domain name easily. Thanks for sharing the nice and exclusive information, keep writing!

    • Nirmala, Thanks for liking the list and many of us find difficult in searching for the right name and spend too much of time doing brainstorm, this tools are great which auto suggest good names and the options available in these tools helps to filter out the unwanted names from the search.

  5. Ahsan@Android Apps says:

    Great collection of domain name generator site. i use http://domai.nr to get free domain

    • Ahsan, Thanks for mentioning another tool, Yes domai nr is a great tool, but as far as i know it searches for the name with different type of extension and im not sure if any name generator available in this tool other than short URLs.

  6. Kulwant Nagi says:

    Very good share.

    Finding a good domain name is very hard these days. But these tools are doing awesome work to reduce the brainstorming load.

    • Kulwant, Exactly it is very difficult to get short and popular domain names, now we have to compromise in searching same name in different extension or use some similar kind of words using the tools listed which saves time and helps to find good names.

  7. Anchit Shethia says:

    1 more tool i would like to add in generating domain names.
    The most important tool.. Your brain 🙂
    Your brain is the most powerful tool to generate a domain name. So one must not forget to use that tool.

    • Anchit, Good one 🙂 🙂 Brain is the very basic and Primary tool used by everyone & the above tools are the output of smart brains which makes the task simpler. Thanks for adding another one in the list 🙂

  8. Narender Chopra says:

    I am using nameboy from starting and yest , its one of best Domain Name Generator . Thanks to include it in the list .

    • Narender, Nameboy is Good Domain Name Generator with many features, Search results are displayed in different colors & wherever the domain is available there is a check box which helps to add in the domain’s cart. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    Great post by Lokesh!
    I had no idea we had name generators for domains. That makes it so much easier for me in future. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Lokesh Sir,
    Well This Article is really helpful for those who are Finding Difficulty in choosing their domain names.Basically Domain plays a Significant role For any Blog Nichie.This Post is great collection of Domain Generators 🙂 Really a very useful post 🙂 Thanks For Sharing 🙂

  11. Nice tool, I didn’t knew many of them, thanks for sharing it 🙂 .

  12. Narender Chopra says:

    I am using nameboy from the starting and yes, its one of the best Domain Name Generator which helped me a lot to get suggested domains. Thanks to include it in the list .

  13. hello
    thnx for these nice collection of tools, but which one is the best to select a proper domain name.i m going to buy a domain name in few dayzz