Would a Guest Blog Post Help You?

There are dozens of recommendations out there for increasing your market profile and getting the word out there about your business. One such advertising medium is to contribute guest posts to blogs which your target audience visits. However, just like blogs on your website, guest blogging is not for everyone. Before you start trying to schedule guest blog appearances, make sure that it will actually help your business.

Guest Blogging

Meeting a Need

The first thing that you must do is meet a need your potential customers might have and which they might go to that blog to learn more about. So let’s say, for instance, that you offer professional website designs. You might go to blogs where freelancers gather to talk shop or to another professional network blog where people might be able to use your services.  Your guest post might be about anything from why a website matters to how to improve the formatting in your web design. All of them will provide links back to your business, of course, but they answer problems and questions that your target audience might have while also revealing you to be a business owner who is interested in people and not just profit.

The key is to provide valuable information to these readers about your professional website design company in such a way that they will be grateful for your assistance and likely come visit your company to see whether your products or services are worth the investment. If you cannot meet a need that you can write about, then you will not benefit as much from the guest blogging experience because your readers will have no reason to come check out your site unless you can hit their curiosity nerve with advertisements. However, pure advertisements have been restricted in most blogs, or the site owners charge for the posts.

Quality Writing

Guest blog posts must be especially well written. You are stepping onto another person’s platform and offering their readers something which should be beneficial. In many cases, this may be the first time that their readers have the opportunity to “meet” you. You need to make sure that that your writing puts the best foot forward. Spelling and grammar should be impeccable. You need to use clear and precise examples and provide the solution to the problem or issue you are discussing.

Product or Service

And perhaps the most important question of all is whether your product or service is one which people would be on blogs reading about. Some industries, such as the health and fitness industry, obviously work well for guest blog posts. There are millions of posts out there on the subject, and the upcoming years will bring millions more. However, some industries such as funeral services are not as likely to be conducive to blog posts unless you are targeting a professional network of funeral service providers or the like. If people are not going to be reading about something which you can help them with in an area that will lead them back to your business, then other advertising methods would be better advised for your situation.

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  1. rakesh kumar says:

    I do agree with your points raised here in this post amit. But one thing that we must not forget before started our guest post journey, Our very own preparation should be complete. otherwsise your best efforts will have no impact on your business.
    I have seen brilient guest post on popular websites but when tried to locate that guest writer it was next to nill. So in my opinion, first of all we have to check our site well before we start guest post. Am i right ?

    • Yeah Agree with your Rakesh, Same here…. I saw some Guest Post on Problogger.net and when i landed there page it was really hilarious. You can say nothing was there. . So before starting Guest post they should atleast create a Landing page which can attract their Visitor and they can convert them as subscribers.
      Thanks for your Comment Rakesh.

  2. saqib razzaq says:

    Its my one random visit to your blog after reading one of your interviews and I must say that you are rocking this place Ammit.

  3. Hi Amit

    I’m here from Ehsan’s blog and thankful to him for the same.

    Coming back to your post, guest blogging makes a real sense for the naive bloggers like me who have started fresh and are looking for visibility and then the traffic for sure.

    But I have seen certain guest bloggers have nothing on their blog to offer even though they have well crafted post. They must do their homework before asking for the guest post for the pre-determined niche.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.


  4. Nice post Amit! Yes, the bloggers should be very careful in writing the guest post, as they are entering into other’s blog. If the post is quality and worthy reading, then It is possible to get new readers n comments. Also agree with Rakesh’s point, as the GP should be completed well.

  5. Hi Amit.
    Points well taken. I have been entertaining the idea of guest blogging myself but I really don’t want to rush into it. For now, I rather concentrate on writing more content for my blog. But, it is a great medium for exposure if done correctly at the right time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Robert Weller says:

    Hey Amit, love this article. I think the spirit of this post is in the last paragraph since I often see guest postings that don’t really seem to be working because of the product or service. If it’s none you can write about (although thats relatively unusual because you’ve always got customers talking, personal experience, etc.) but I do think some companies only go for the links when writing guest posts. They seem to miss out on the actual opportunity of getting READERS. Bad mistake if you ask me… 😉