How To Save Budget On Technology In 2013 ? So You Can Buy More

Technology gadgets have become the part of our life and it seems to be impossible to get off them every day there is some new digital drug in the market but you cannot afford that all so you should keep a balance and try to save something so you could buy a new one if you have any problem with the old one by saving an extra budget for your digital drug.

Save Budget On Technology In 2013


Buy Data According To Your Need

There are data plans today provided by your isp (internet service provider) are really fast upto1 Gbps when we not have this kind of fast speed software developers have created awesome gadgets and software  which are now a part of our life so we should depend upon low internet speed and good alternative that can save a lot of money for you many people out there just with no need buy large amount of internet data and waste their money.

Don’t Buy Every Software

While we are on the internet surfing the websites  we saw thousands of sites selling software for money don’t buy every software on the internet for money go to Google and search for a free one you should come up with some new premium services and save you money. I mean I am a tech specialist I have never bought a single software in my 5 years experience in this cyber village of internet. I hope you understand what I am talking about.

Consider Renovate Gadgets

You always buy new gadgets and everything you buy is new one it doesn`t mean that it enhances your personality and people thought that you are a rich person. You should try to buy refurbished gadgets they are awesome and I often buy them and they are as good as new e.g. Last week I bought an LCD display which was refurbished and it looks good as new one it looks new smell like new and has also featured that shiny stickers which is a fun to pull off and it is better and it is even under warranty.

Cut Your Cable Connection

If you are a webmaster or blogger then you can understand that we don`t like to watch TV it is just a time waste everything is available on the internet then why you have to pay extra for TV cable then you should cut it off because it is useless in my opinion and if you are addict of any serial then you can watch it also on the internet there are many sites offering free online TV like Netflix or Hulu.

Is there Any Thing Called Warranty

I don’t care about warranty since last 2 years I have spent a 10$ extra for a extended warranty for one of my Smartphone and got a warranty for 2 years then after a month it somehow gave a error showing no sim card I went to the warranty center with the warranty card and they said me like they have to examine the phone either it is droped in water or something like that I know that there is nothing happened like that and they said that your phone`s motherboard is victim of fungus and I don`t know how it is happened so I recommend you not to pay money for extended warranty just deal with the original one and save that money .

Gadgets Are Your Assets

Don`t consider any of your old laptop, PC, Xbox or any of your gadget useless when it gets older and you bought a new version there are hundreds of sites out there which deals with the old and used things and you can even demand your own piece of money and they are absolutely free for posting your ad for selling something you like and the money could be called your technology fund.

Buy Connectors Instead Of Cables

Instead of buying extra cables for your every gadget you should buy a universal cable or  depend upon connectors. If you have iPhone, iPod, Isp and a camera if you buy cables for all of them they can cost you like 30-60$ and if you buy a china made universal power cable it can cost you a lot more less and affordable also .

Author’s Desk :

Technology is so widespread that a normal person cannot buy all the gadgets and if you follow some guidelines above then you can save a lot and then you can afford a new gadget after every 6 months.

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