Never Ignore 5 Important SEO Factors to Beat Competition

Once you are into Online Business you can not ignore Google because this is the only and the Best way to get maximum Return on Investment (ROI) to your online Business. The whole internet is changing and so is the case with SEO. Due to very less competition  Search Engine Optimization was easy and with a unique and good quality content  one was able to get good traffic from Google.


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But as the pressure has increased a lot on Online Business and to beat your competition you have to follow different techniques and Strategies . Google has made things clear and simple for people but spammers and content curators have put a lot of Pressure on Google and therefor they are rolling out updates like Panda, Penguin, EMD and the latest being Zebra update. So to beat everything and be the Best on Google you should not ignore 5 important SEO factors mentioned Below :


The best way to get good backlinks to your Website is write an excellent content. If you believe in Quality over quantity then success will definitely be yours. It doesn’t matter even if you are not updating your Blog daily all you have to do is write excellent stuff.  Your content must be written for people and not for Search Engines. People never hesitate to link back to you on their Blog if they get a valuable information from you. Not only people but even Google Search algorithms has also become so advanced that they can easily differentiate between the quality of the articles on the same topic.

You should also be regular in commenting on other similar blogs. This will not only help you to get a backlink but will also help you to get referral traffic to your Blog. It will also help you to get a Good Page rank.

Build Authority

Google will help you to bring a human being to your Blog for what he is searching. If you have made the User Interface (UI) in such a manner that the landed person gets so convinced with your Blog content that he spends some time on your blog reading articles, commenting and most importantly following you on Social media then you can consider your Blog to have a Good authority. Once you have built authority of your Blog than even Google will support you and your SERP will improve naturally.

Understand Your Readers

You must learn to track and analyze who is your audience and what type of content is getting liked by people. This will help you to know what your audience wants and you can even provide more of related material and hence you will get more engagement. The more engaging your Blog will be the better authority you will have and the better SERP you will get.

Page Speed

People ignore this most of the time but this one of the most important SEO factors which can help you improve your ranking . Hence try to make your site as Fast as possible. You should try to make your site as light as possible as it will make your site lighter. You must check your Page speed at or Google Page Speed as both these tools will not only show you the loading time but will also help you to know which code of the site is taking the maximum time to load.

Follow Famous Blogs

This is something which very few people does and is also not related to there Blogs but will surely help you to understand and practice SEO. If you are following authority Blogs then you will understand many things from them. The information they will be providing will be something from there own experience or from the latest changes which are coming into the market. For example if you are looking forward to learn more about SEO tweaks you must follow seomoz because they have built such an authority over time that even Google recommends them.

Similarly if you want to know latest information on Search Engines then you must follow Search Engine Land as they have got writers who are keeping an eye on Search Engine changes, monitoring and experimenting different changes and it would be very easy for you  to implement these changes on your Blog before others. Even small small changes can certainly help you rank better than your competition.

I am looking forward to know if you are following the above mentioned points to improve your Blog rankings in search engines. It would be great if you can share with us what all you strategies you are following to beat your competition and make convert your Blog into an authority Blog over Search Engines and readers.

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  1. Thejas Kamath says:

    Hello Pratheek Bansal

    I agree with every points mentioned above. I think backlinks from high authority sites are what Google is looking for these days.

    Great information. Cheers 🙂

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Welcome Thejas,
      It is always good to get backlinks from a High Authority site and Google will push your site Traffic if you will follow the above 5 important SEO points.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I am still trying to understand SEO and what it will take to get my site ranked higher, so your information is very welcome.
    Much appreciated!

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Welcome Debs,
      SEO is very simple and anyone can do it. All we need is to take care of our Basics. The other important thing is that you will not see the results immediately because Search Engine takes time to index your site and show the changes in Search Results.

  3. Aditi Datta says:

    Hello Prateek,
    Well, the five tips that you have shared are truly important. Understanding the need of your reader is important. Even following famous blogs is also important for a better practised SEO. Thanks for the share!!

  4. Prateek Bansal says:

    Welcome Aditi.
    Yes these 5 factors are really important. I follow these five factors and the results are awesome. So I thought to share them with all.

  5. Ankit Bansal says:

    Most people know about this but yet only a few keep them in mind all the time. Truly important tips that will help grow your blog in long run. Thanks man.

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Welcome Ankit,
      Yes these tips are really important and if anyone wants to become a Problogger and also wants to make it as a source of passive income then I think they should not ignore these 5 important tips.

  6. Thanks for the quick tips, I wonder how nobody noticed the spelling mistake “baclinking” at the very first factor

  7. RC Organo says:

    It is true that we can’t ignore search engines most especially Google. We, as bloggers needed to make things right and that is simply abiding the rules and writing unique, with quality, informative and interesting contents for our readers.

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Yes we can are right we have to follow rules, provide our readers with Quality content and also make our UI engaging.

  8. Narender Chopra says:

    Yeah ! Recent research have proved that Page Speed is the main factor now a days. With a quick loading webpage you don’t only get search engine love but also an awesome user experience.

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Yes Narender you are absolutely right. Bloggers cannot ignore page speed as it is a very important past of SEO

  9. Hello Prateek
    I agree with Your points regarding DA and Page Speed
    But i cannot figure out what factors really matter for DA?

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Hi Ravi,
      If you are looking forward to learn about what factors really matter for DA then you must go through Seomoz as they are providing the complete details

  10. Hi Prateek,
    Nice tips this will help many of us , thanks for sharing this.

  11. Great points. Page speed has been a challenge for me on my site lately, but I’ve been turning off plugins that might be slowing down the site, so I hope to see an improvement.

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      Well Alex Page Speed is something which we should ignore as it has got a very big impact on SERP. Moreover its good that you have removed the unnecessary plugins. I would also recommend you to configure your Cache Plugin properly to increase your page speed.

  12. Very nice post in natural language! Yes, great and regular updates of content would bring huge traffic. Also the idea of targeting the visitors and blog commenting helps to improve blog n search rankings.

    Hope that the guest posts to other blogs of same niche would aids to get lot of readers by back-linking.

    Thanks for sharing the nice information, keep writing!

  13. Himanshu Rawat says:

    Awesome Prateek, these tips are really informative, but most of them are common except the page speed, its the most neglected one

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      I know these tips are common but if we keep just these tips in our mind while Blogging then we can see immense traffic growth.

  14. Atul Kumar Pandey says:

    Hey really a nice post…Just a suggestion…
    Correct the heading you used … Baclinking to Backlinking.
    Other wise a really a great information you have provided here…

    • Prateek Bansal says:

      I am so sorry for the Typing mistake. I am going to make the changes and I am glad you liked the information provided.