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In the internet world branding is everything, if you have a good brand then no matter the quality of services you offer you will surely get customers.


Businesses and individuals know the importance of a name in this tech savvy world and a negative remark on the company can drastically affect the brand name.

Whenever I am going to buy a service online then the first thing I do is check its reviews, let’s say I am going to apply for an advertising network and I want to know some details about it.

As a part of my habit I search for its reviews and the whole scenario will change as I read a negative review about the company.

They just lost a publisher, if I joined them I could make some good amount from the network and they can also fill their pockets but just because of a negative review I decided not to join the network.

If the same thing happens with your business then what will you do?

That’s where services like InternetReputation come into scene; they maintain your image and keep it free from stains

Before getting deep into their services let us just have a look at the background of the company and later we will go through the services they have to offer has been existing since the past 10 years and the company has an experience of working with fortune 500 companies, authors, doctors, lawyers and other such people who already have or might have their online reputation at stake

They are one of the top reputation management companies who have an excellent track record in the past and are fully loaded with all the latest geeky stuff to give you the best results faster than their competitors.

The company promises to do what other reputation management firms say is impossible, they effectively clear out all the controversial stuff from every possible location on the web.

The next line which I am going to say about them will surely increase their reputation in your mind,

They have worked with Google

Yes Google isn’t it enough to trust them for your brand.

And I forgot to mention that they have received the award for the top innovative tech firm in 2011 and have removed records from 5000+ mugshot record directories from the web.

If you wish you can also go through their case studies page which will give you some information and reviews of the clients they have worked with.

So, looking at their background and experience I will give them 10 out of 10

Now, let us have a look at the services they provide.

I don’t have a huge business, can I hire them?

Yes surely you can, so what if you don’t have a business normal public also have an image online.

When it comes to search results if they cannot delete your result then they will push it down, by down I mean really down so that the actual user searching about you cannot see it.

They basically have two packages to offer, Business and Individual and the requirements of both companies and the people are different so are their services, the best to suit your needs

internetreputation rates

In the Individual package they offer services like –

  • Mugshot Removal
  • Arrest Record Removal
  • College Student Clean Up
  • Public Record Removal
  • Newspaper and Press Release Articles
  • Protection Against Online Slander
  • Social Network Slander Removal
  • Social Network Privacy Protection
  • Fix Defamation of Character

And in the business package they offer services like,

  • Removal of Public Information
  • Removal of Internet Defamation
  • Removal of Consumer Complaints
  • Court Case Removal
  • Litigation Removal
  • Fixing Negative Reviews
  • Brand Reputation Protection
  • Company Name Protection
  • Fix Brand Slander
  • Fix Officer Reputation
  • Protection Against Online Slander

That was a long list, the firm has different packages for the companies and indivsuals and keeping the prices same for both is really not fair as their needs are different. So they also offer their clients to have a custom package and choose only the services what they want.

But hey still we haven’t discussed one really important thing

How Much Do They Charge?

What do you want, some pennies or a positive brand?

Obviously, the later one,

Money is a very important factor for any job sometimes it decides whether the work is to be done or not. If you just look at their prices you will find them really high but when you compare it with the services they offer at that price the amount appears to be really less.

Their price range starts from $399 to $1,000,000 and keeps on increasing according to the needs of the client.

Individual customers please don’t be afraid of the maximum limit because that goes for the companies, consider your prices from the lower limit.

My Views

Great company in terms of experience and background, services are nice as compared to the other online reputation management firms and prices are also decent. The best part about the firm is that when you order a campaign a representative from the company, your account manager contacts you within a next few hours and asks you for the details about the job you want them to do. They guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

And if you think you are eligible for helping someone maintain his/her online reputation then they are hiring, you can also check their FAQ page or go through their case studies for more information.

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