Personal Qualities to Become a Better Writer

When I started blogging, I used to think that’s its easy to blog. You just need to write an article, follow few SEO tips and promote your article. I am sure many of newbies feels same but they fail to succeed because they take first step too lightly. Bloggers do read lots of articles on how to blog but they hardly give attention on how to be a better writer. Apart from having good control over language you need to have few personal qualities that can make you a better writer and thus a better blogger.


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According to me, I think there are 5 basic characteristics that each writer must own.

  • Know Your Interest:

If you want to be a writer then first thing which you must know is which topic/ niche you find interesting. If you just choose a niche because others are earning in same niche then you would never able write a quality article because for writing an article you must be having knowledge about it and you need to show your point of view too. Without interest you won’t able to do research on topics and thus you would never able to write an effective article. Like Blogging and Tech niche is something that interests me thus I am always ready to learn something new and thus keep on increasing my knowledge and improving my way of writing articles. Thus before starting to write anything, sit alone and find out the niche that interests you.

  • Self-Discipline:

When you are your own boss, you need to be very strict when it comes to discipline at work. Make sure to keep up frequency when it comes to writing and reading resources that interests you. Once you break your working schedule, it becomes very tough to get back to track again. I was on break from blogging for a long time and starting again was a tough row to hoe. It was just like starting from zero and I was so confused from where to start. Thus make sure to keep yourself telling that the time is now for writing and don’t be lazy to delay it.

  • Easy-going:

While writing an article you face few problems like writer’s block, not-so-satisfactory article, negative comments, non-viral posts, lack of positive environment and more. But since you are self-employed, you need to motivate yourself. When I started writing articles, I was having fear of negative comments, bad posts etc. but with time I started enjoying this fear. And every writer needs to accept such drawbacks of writing and keep moving ahead and learning with mistakes. You need to be easy on yourself and be confident otherwise it would be very easy for you to leave your writing passion.

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  • Be creative:

Writing doesn’t mean copy pasting any article. It is a creative work. You should be creative enough to write what you feel in a creative way so that readers get attract to your post and can understand what you want to convey. Even after long time in blogging career, I still wonder the way successful writers share even simple tips very effectively and this is where creativity comes. Thus from a catchy title to a mind-blowing end, you need to keep focusing on how to make your article interesting in a creative way. No matter you are sharing few basic tips, tricks or reviewing software, if your article is interesting then readers will surely get attracted.

  • Confidence to share:

As a writer you must have guts to share your thoughts, no matter it’s about technology reviews, politics, blogging ethics or any other views which you want to convey your readers. Writing is not always about earning money it’s more about how to reach your audience by just being yourself. Of course, readers might try to oppose your views and thus smash your confidence but it doesn’t mean that you don’t share what you think. This is the major quality that every writer must have to succeed.

Everyone love to be their own boss and these days writing is a good way to earn money but not all are able to convert this hobby to passion and get success because they lack in few basic personal qualities of writer. Above were few qualities in my opinion, every writer must have and if you know more qualities then share it right away, it will help all of us be a better writer.

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Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Rahul Kashyap says:

    Yes Qualities is very important for every new and old writer. I am new in this field thanks for sharing this informative post. it is valuable for me 🙂

  2. Well written Ruchi.
    Knowing your Interest is one big thing that you must give priority to ! 🙂

    • Ruchi Parikh says:

      True Zion,
      Without interest it’s tough to increase your knowledge, explore or get creative. Interest is the most important factor.

  3. Kelvin Wealth says:

    Thanks Ruchi for this superb post. I totally agree with all the qualities you listed here…

    Very true…Before i ever started blogging I thought the whole process will be as easy as creating a well designed blog, writing good articles and just promoting it on social media…. But, It was almost a different ball game entirely… It was HARD WORK!!!

    Without discipline and interest in what you are blogging about, I doubt your success as a blogger…

    Great tips Ruchi..

    • Ruchi Parikh says:

      Thanks Kelvin,
      I totally agree, blogging needs lots of efforts and self discipline otherwise it’s tough to get success.

  4. I guess despite to Know what is Better to Blog about it is always better to know first that “What can you Blog about Best?” and can you continue it as a Passion? Because I have seen many Bloggers who write for “Blogging Tips and SEO” because they think that they can get more audience for the niche but they end up quitting blogging.

    • Ruchi Parikh says:

      True Ravi,

      Knowing your interest and niche is first step towards blogging. If you don’t have interest in what you are writing then neither there would be passion nor success.

  5. Sneakywolf says:

    wow, i almost used to think same way when i started blogging, i thought it was as easy as to do homework or making an assignment for physics class. but later i came to know its not that easy as it looks. 🙂

    • Ruchi Parikh says:

      Sneakywolf, I am sure all newbies thinks same way and when they face reality its totally different work and needs a lots of dedication.

  6. Prime Aque says:

    Hi, thank you for this post. I also keep a handful of tips that I always follow when I write my blog posts. I also found exchanging guest posts to my friend very helpful too. We have agreed to write for each other once a week.

    Reading and following awesome blogs like iTechCode is a great help for me to be always on the go. If I keep on reading, I always learn new – and this is a great source to think of a new topic for my own blog, as well.

    And writing blog comments can also improve my writing. I always make sure that I digest all the information that I read so that my time will be worth while.


  7. Hello Ruchi – Spot on with these pointers! I’d like to place special emphasis on point 1 – you have to have an INTEREST in what you write about otherwise your readers will see right through you. I would also add one more to the list and that is you need to have an OPINION otherwise you’re just a 3rd party which feeds information. Great post though!

    • Ruchi Parikh says:

      Thanks Kapil for adding one more important point. Opinion is very important that can only be given if you have interest in the niche because then only you will able to explore the topic more.

  8. Aditi Datta says:

    Easy going and keeping interest on the content that you are writing is definitely the essential quality that a writer must possess. Being a writer, you need to craft your writing in a plain and simple English so that your readers can understand it well. Thanks for the share!!

  9. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    ya you really right that a good writer always require some features like:
    1.Know Your Interest:
    4.Be creative
    and last but not least

  10. Tayyab Nasir says:

    To become a good writer you should read the english magazines of good journalists about tech and your interest this will effect a lot.

    • Ruchi Parikh says:

      Agree Tayyab. And instead of magazines, it would be better to read blogs because you learn lot more than english, its about the way of writing, words chosen and always up-to-date.

  11. I feel like reading this again and again!

  12. I should say that “it is a great guestpost from the author”. Agree with you that the bloggers should give attention to become a good writer. Thanks for sharing the qualities that a blogger should have. Yes, knowing the interest is important to thrive in blogging by updating the blog consistently.

  13. Hey Ruchi. I know I’m thinking outside the box.
    I had a blog which I blogged for about 6 months and due to some reasons I needed to start a new one. Ofcourse with a new domain.
    But its already 2 days over and I’ve already some of those quality articles from my last blog. But its still not listed on any organic results.
    Gimme a solution of click, will you? 🙂

  14. Ronaldo Ferrer says:

    Excellent post Ruchi! Writing is really a passion for other people. I admire those who could easily compose an article with really amazing topics. Learning to know what you really like to share or write is very important in writing. In that way, you could be creative. As for me, learning other stuff that don’t interest me also seems helpful because in that way I have a chance to understand that specific niche. More knowledge, more topic to write.