StumbleUpon And Content Writing: Traffic Driving Strategy

Have you ever wondered how you can bring more traffic to your site? Or more precisely – have you ever thought about the content writing strategy on StumbleUpon to attract more traffic? We all know about Google and how to search for web pages and answers via its search engine. You may even be aware of some of the other search engines and directories. Now there is a social media site that may help you to find the web pages and answers that you require. It is called StumbleUpon, and it allows you to see the web pages that other people think are worth a look.


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It allows you to stumble onto pages that match your interests. Instead of the normal means of searching for keywords, the system considers your interests, and the web pages that you have already recommended (“Liked”), and gives you results that it thinks you would prefer. You can constantly improve the results you get by clicking “Like” or “Dislike” for each page you come across. It’s simple, you click, if you like the page that you see and this will help to refine the result for the next click. If you are a web designer or a web master, then this article will help you to write content that is targeted for Stumbling users. It will help you have your website pop up whilst people are stumbling.

Structure and navigation counts

Starting with the basics, you should really try to structure your website so that it is search engine friendly. Your navigation should be top notch so that your websites bounce rate is negligible.

Targeted content will win you traffic

The most productive way of getting traffic via StumbleUpon is to target your potential users. Many people will do just about anything to get traffic so that they become listed on StumbleUpon, but don’t forget that your aim is to get listed and get “Likes”, so don’t appeal to the wrong crowd.

Make it quick to load and easy to stumble

Again, these are more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors that you cannot avoid. Ideally, you want to ensure that your page is easy to load so that people are not waiting ten minutes when they stumble onto your page, and you want more traffic so that people submit your site to StumbleUpon.

Give your title some serious thought

Start each web page with a temporary title and then optimize it when you are done. The title is a big selling point on StumbleUpon because people are not encouraged to explore the website in full, and the title may be all that the user ever sees.

Create a striking visual cue

You should do this for the same reason that you create a great title. People are not going to look at your website for very long, and a striking visual cue may be all your page needs to turn a bouncer into a viewer.

Put your hottest links and content at the top of your page

As an outsider you may not realize how lazy StumbleUpon makes people. They will put their mouse pointer on the StumbleUpon button and will be unwilling to move it in many cases. They may be tempted to try a link, but they will not bother to scroll down, so put your best content and links at the top of your page.

Give people an incentive to scroll down

If you manage to make people scroll down your web page then they have gone from StumbleUpon users to website users. You need to make a big impression on them during the first half of the web page. Do not do this by promising something that you cannot deliver. For example, the most disliked StumbleUpon websites are the ones that promise to make people millionaires.

Do not create weekly link round-ups

Some people do this to help engage new traffic and keep them on their site. It may work with other social media, but not with StumbleUpon.

News articles are a bad idea for StumbleUpon

More specifically it is the time sensitive stuff that will fail you. For example, reporting on the Australian bush fires is a bad idea, since it happens every 5-7 years. StumbleUpon picks up on timeless content, and people won’t want to read time sensitive content in a few weeks.

Keep your posts in context

For people to click “Like” for your web page/post they have to be sure that your page will be understood by other people. Keep this in mind, but do not allow it to dictate your content, i.e. do not start writing for the layperson exclusively.

Short posts with little usable content

Websites such as and may thrive on articles that are so thin they taste like gruel, but it will win you no points on StumbleUpon. If you write short posts/pages then you had better make sure it is loaded with information.

Your posts/pages need to sell themselves

The ball game is a little different with StumbleUpon. You need to sell each page to the user so that they click “Like”. Where you would normally sell a product, service or idea, you now have to sell the page itself. Your webpage/post may contain fantastic information, but you need to make that fact clear as soon as the user sees the page.

So, now you’re ready for your first content writing strategy on StumbleUpon for driving more traffic to your site.

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  1. Saqib Razzaq says:

    Hey Korah!
    I am always hanging between Pros and cons of Stumbleupon…Yes it brings a lot of traffic and it is really worth using…But what about high bounce rate that is gifted by it? Your answer would be a like a charm..

    • Korah Morrison says:

      Every platform has it’s spesific. High bounce rate from StumbleUpon is normal thing, like with every SM platforms. Or, maybe, you’re not targeted on your target audience?

  2. devinder says:

    I always tried hard with StumbleUpon but they blocked my account long ago. What wrong did i do? I don’t understand.

  3. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    While I was working on Stumbleupon for my blog, I found that along with good content, content headline and blog design was something that mattered a lot to Stumble users. So, try to make your blog look attractive too.

  4. Ankit Bansal says:

    I started using Stumble Upon long time back and with in days of using it , i once had a certain boost of traffic to my site which was multiple folds of what i get from Google. Though only drawback is traffic is temporary. But still it is something to look forward too.
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Korah Morrison says:

    Your welcome!

  6. Shathyan Raja says:

    Nice to know some indepth details on how to drive traffic from Stumbleupon. Even I use this but haven’t seen any traffic coming from it. Just for name sake, I just use to stumble up my blog post. I use to wonder when people say that Stumbleupon is one of their best reference traffic site.

    Now after reading your post, I got an idea on where I was doing mistake and how I should need to target and drive the free traffic from it. Thanks for Sharing it.