4 Simple Ways To Blog Like A Pro

If you’re a blogger and if I ask you what you wish for, I’m sure you’d wish, at some point, to become a pro.Blog Like a Pro

I have good news. Becoming a problogger is not a complicated task. It may take time and effort on your part.

But it is not some treasure that has a very complicated and confusing map.

The route is pretty straightforward and simple. The route is pretty clearly laid out Yet, why are there so many bloggers who do not get past the “mediocre blogger” status?

The answer is simple.

Even though all the successful bloggers have spilled the beans and have laid the route, today’s get-rich-quick bloggers only care about reading those tactics; but they don’t apply them. That’s the problem.

Now I am going to share 5 straightforward tips in this post, which you can directly apply by the way. You can either choose to read the post and leave or take action, implement the tips and get results.

Let’s dive in.

Just be yourself

Or in other words don’t try to imitate Mr. of Ms. A-Lister. This isn’t a very hard tip, is it? But I see that many bloggers struggle to be just themselves.

The problem is this: Instead of having their own blogging/business vision, most bloggers start with the dream of others. They want to become like Mr. or Ms. A.

They don’t have a dream of their own.

I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t have a role model. Of course you should. You can learn from the A-Listers and implement their strategies. But don’t be a copycat.

Be a “down to earth” person

Be accessible and be helpful – that’s what I mean by “down to earth” person. Of course, you don’t have to look like a Charity Inc. But you can help as much as you can.

But if you can spend 5 minutes replying to an email from one of your readers asking for a simple help, and if you can help, do it by all means.

Don’t hold yourself back.

At the same time, see that you don’t go overboard and that you don’t spend all your time on helping others; that would hurt your business.

I get emails with questions like: “Jane, help me to start a blog”, “Jane, how can I SEO my blog posts”, “Jane, how to do guest posting” and so on.

As you can see, these kinda questions are really very vague and can only be tackled via a consultation session – and not in a couple of paragraphs.

So make yourself clear in such situations.


If you are a blogger, you need to be doing two things just as you would breathe and sleep as a human being – create killer content and network with other bloggers and your blog readers.

Networking is not creating an account on Facebook and posting your own links as updates. Networking is much more advanced than that and an enjoyable thing to do.

Networking is about connecting with people (not necessarily your target audience) – don’t simply connect with people to sell something.

Be open, generous, and mutually helpful whenever you connect.

And don’t just attempt to connect with people with a selfish attitude. Go the extra mile. And you will be surprised with what you get.

Provide quality everywhere

This is a no-brainer; but just as I said earlier, most bloggers know this great tip (or secret – however you may call it). Yet, they don’t apply it.

The main problem with providing quality is that you need to work hard off your butt and you need to know your stuff.

In short, you need to be willing to do hard work. And, hard work pays, but it takes a while before you can reap the benefits.

Since most of today’s bloggers are after “get rich quick” schemes, it makes it a lot harder for the majority of the blogging population to produce quality content.

Those “get rich quick” bloggers don’t care about providing quality or working hard, but they want to reap even before they sow.

May be this model of autoblogging (stealing others content, and publish as if it is their own, without giving credit and trying to make money out of it) could have worked decades ago.

Now neither people nor search engines can be fooled.

Your content will speak for you. The quality of what you deliver will make you an authority. The equation is pretty simple, isn’t?


Now if you’re wondering if you can become a problogger or not, I have given you some very crucial ways to become one.

The tips I’ve listed above are actually the “qualities” of a problogger. These qualities will help you to naturally earn the problogger status than you trying to “acquire” it yourself.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Saqib Razzaq says:

    Amazing work Jane…Being a yourself is really important because everyone has some specific qualities…Everyone is different..Thanks for your words.

    • That’s right Saqib! There’s only one you and only one me. And that’s a blessing!

  2. Hi Jane,

    Its true that nowadays bloggers want to get rich quickly and they forget the main essence of blogging. These basic tips are what differentiates a pro blogger from a mediocre one. Networking and making friends with other bloggers and helping others are as much required as creating quality content. Nice post.

  3. Mushfiqur says:

    4 very simple but yet very effective techniques to follow in order to succeed in blogging. We tend to mix up between selecting someone to be a ‘role model’ rather than simply copying his/her style. What we should concentrate on is, building our own style so that maybe one day WE can be a role model to others.

    Brilliant points laid out Jane!


    • Mushfiqur – very true. We can follow leading bloggers for inspiration. But copying won’t cut it.

  4. Ammar Ali says:

    That’s true Jane, Everyone new blogger these days wants to become pro blogger as soon as possible.

    For this they have to create strong network, producing high quality content and helping others. 😀

    Patience is also needed for this. What do you think?

    • Hey Ammar, wanting to become a problogger fast is a reasonable wish. But we should be willing to put in the necessary hard work beforehand!

  5. Well Being Down to Earth is indeed necessary but what About the Bloggers who keep asking about Guidance instead of Finding Simple things by their Own?

    • Ravi, yes I’ve seen many of them. When you go one step further in helping them, they go far beyond and keep asking vague questions which cannot be answered in an email (as I’ve pointed out in the post). In such a case we should be ready to explain appropriately.

      In my case, after a couple of enquiries from them, I tell them that they should get their blog/business audited by me or that they should hire me for a consultation so that I can help them in more detail.

  6. rakesh kumar says:

    and one more point i would love to add here, if you are submitting your article as a guest post- submit your best work on someone else blog. so that you can attract more traffic to your original site. Am i right Jane ?

    • You’re very right Rakesh. I do that all the time and it has proved me success 🙂

  7. Paul D. Mitchell says:

    Writing for me is not easy and it takes me a long time to write an article.I don’t really know which niche I am in.I have been surfing the traffic exchanges and promoting hem but find that it takes up my time and energy.I am trying to tone down a bit and move to more writing.I am finding your articles very helpful.
    Technology News

    • Hey Paul, its surprising you said “I don’t really know which niche I am in”! Well please get to know that first. The more clarity you get at the beginning of your business, the easier it will be for you to achieve faster success!

  8. Chris Mayhew says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, thanks Jane. I like he point about being down to earth. I see so many bloggers doling our advice as if they wrote the bible on that specific subject. Advice should be given in a light hearted ‘it’s a good idea to do this’ way and not ‘do this now because I said so’.

  9. If anyone want to be a pro blogger then make social network strong and help people so that people start connecting with you and the day they start connecting with you then no need to call by yourself problogger they will call you…

    • Vivek, that’s right. Connecting with people wherever we go is a great thing for achieving the problogger status.

  10. prem pandit says:


    I really like this post especially Be a “down to earth” person, really if you are reply to the email of you reader break the negativity, and it very much important to bring your reader come back.


  11. Gautam Doddamani says:

    great points jane…and you have rightly said that we read about them but don’t apply them…this is the mistake i have been doing from a long time..i never applied myself..i know the “stuff” and “how it works” but never went that extra mile to “put in hard work”…i will try to follow your ways from now on..thx fr such a helpful article! 🙂


    • Gautam, love your honesty. This is one of the most common syndromes with most bloggers. They know all sorts of information but they don’t take action. Actions will only lead to results.

  12. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Well put Jane.
    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  13. You hit the nail on the head with this article. I think it is more than bloggers that are guilty of “not applying” what they learn – social media experts and SEOs are just as guilty. It’s definitely easy to get overwhelmed with information when you are trying to learn how to grow a business or build a name for yourself. I’d say that plays a big part in stopping people from getting their hands dirty. The other side of the coin – and a major obstacle for most – is time management. It’s very easy to waste time or be distracted instead of getting your work done. I’ve worked for myself (and from home) long enough to make every mistake you can make, and I will tell you that the number one problem for most people is not utilizing their time properly. I can be really bad at this at times. = ) I’ve been using a Task Timer to stay on track, but you can also use your cell phone. The point is to write down tasks you need to accomplish and set a timer – and work. Don’t allow any interruptions or distractions. Great post! Great advice!

  14. Dear Jane,
    Very well said. The points which I loved personally were of “Quality” and “Down to Earth”. I personally believe about a quote that asserts “When you are out of quality, you are out of business.” 🙂 Down to earth is the second most important thing which you must have because this factor will let you stand holding the grounds more firm. It will be helpful when matters like “Sustaining”, “Consistency” and “Growth” comes into the picture.

    Another nice piece of work. Keep Updating. Keep Rocking. 🙂


  15. Very helpful post Jane, I think what helped me to become a better blogger is hard work and quality information on the blog.

    You just can’t go wrong with hard work, but also use leverage, don’t push all of your energy into blogging. Work smart from time to time, it will boost your hard work.

    thanks for sharing

  16. I sincerely believe that blogging is not all about skills, but relationships. If you have good relations with blogging community, that’s how you will learn from them and grow. I have to say, this post shows the real-time scenario of a blogger’s life. Thank you.

  17. This seems to be moral lecture instead :P.Thanks anyways!

  18. I truly agree with your many things Jane.
    Why need to become a pro blogger? this is a word only, if i enjoy while writing on any topic and implement it in my own way, it will turn automatically a profession, but to be loyal with work is important.

  19. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    i agree with what you said and every point you mentioned there was absolutely right.these are good suggestions for every blogger

  20. Randy Carlisle says:

    Hello Amit – I saw a comment you made at Corbett Barr’s blog – ThinkTraffic.com, and I decided to visit your site. I’m glad I did. I enjoyed reading your article and reading the comments left by others.

    I agree with all 4 ideas for blogging like a pro. Your ideas about networking were very good. I think a blogger should choose 50 top bloggers they enjoy, and follow them on a regular basis. Try to follow their example, and gradually you will develop the skills you need and you will discover your own, unique blogging voice.

  21. Amit you should prepare a list of the top 30 bloggers with their blog’s ranking and earning. I am waiting for this article and please collect the list from all over the world.

  22. Prateek Bansal says:

    I am into blogging from last 3 years. As per my experience this field is awesome and I have not only learnt awesome things but also met many people who are making millions of dollar blogging.