Top Free and Paid Keyword Rankings Tracking Tools

Smart work is the key of success in blogging, and those who are in this field for quite some time, must be agreed with this fact. I have seen many bloggers writing high quality articles, but ending up with ‘no results’. Quality Content is king and will always be, but must not miss making the article SEO optimized.

Top Free and Paid keyword Ranking Tools

Top Free and Paid keyword Ranking Tools

Talking about the SEO strategies, the very first thing that one is required to do is the ‘keyword research’. This is what pre-defines your blog’s ranking in the search engine. Well, you might be having good knowledge regarding the keyword research and positioning, but how can you be sure that your strategies are working in your favor? You must have the report regarding your blog’s keyword rankings in the search engines. Right?

All thanks to keyword ranking tracking tools that make this task possible for you. You can use such tools to track your blogs’ ranking for any particular keyword. This helps you in setting up the next strategies and goals. You can find many free and paid keyword rankings tracking tools by going through the waves of web. But you need not, as I am listing the best ones down here.

Free Keyword Rankings Tracking Tools

Rank Checker

Undoubtedly the best and easy to use. This tool comes from the house of SEOBook. If you use Firefox browser, then you most likely be familiar with this keyword ranking tracking tool (plugin) already. It lets you check for keyword ranking with ease. Just enter the domain name and keyword, and you are done. The tool shows the position of your entered keyword for entered domain, on all major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. You can add multiple keywords at single time. Moreover, you can export the report to CSV.

Google Rank Checker

As the name reads, this tool lets you track keyword position in Google only. Like the previous one, this is also damn simple to use. You just need to enter the keyword and URL of your blog. Pass simple captcha test and you are done. The position of that particular keyword in Google, will be shown in no time.

Moonsy’s Google Keyword Position Checker

Another simple, but effective keyword position checker tool. This one is limited keyword position checking in Google search results only. Those out of you who don’t want to enter into the world of complexity for the keyword position checking task, must use this tool. You need to specify URL of your blog and Keyword only. Rest part is done by this keyword tool.


SEOCentro’s Rank Checker

Apart from tracking keyword position for your own blog, you can also check the rankings of competitor’s blog using this tool. This is what makes this tool one of the best keyword rankings tracking tool. You can track the position of keyword in multiple major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo at single time. The report for the keyword shows its rankings, ranking’s history and no. of competitive pages.

Paid Keyword Rankings Tracking Tools

Advanced Web Ranking

It is one of the most popular tool for tracking keywords ranking in various search engines. This tool is pack of incredible features, and lets you track the keywords’ position in the search engine with ease. The best part about this tool is its accuracy in work and well-designed report structure. You can view the report in chart format, and can compare your rankings with those of your competitors’. The ‘Email’ feature lets you receive the report at your defined time, into your inbox. The tool offers you trial version which does not require any Credit Card information to be entered. The Pro Version costs you $199.


SEMrush provides a good report on your entered keyword. It displays keyword’s position and any change in it in past. The tool also displays your competitors’ performance so that you can sort out your plans and to-do things to avail the first position. The tool also suggests you keywords related to your entered keywords. The free version is good to try, but offers limited features. You can opt for subscription plans that start from $69.95/month.

Market Samurai

You might have heard this name before. It is one of the best keyword research tool available today. Apart from its keyword research feature, its keyword position tracking feature is also used by many. The tool lets you track keywords’ position in various search engines. Along with the rankings, it also displays the no. of backlinks and Page Rank of the top ranked pages. So if your page does not rank well, you can have good idea about the to-do things for better ranking of your page. The graphical view lets you view the complete report in a better observable manner. You can try out the free version before investing your hard-earned money on it.


Another awesome tool which is trusted by tens of thousands of bloggers/marketer. Though the tool is not as good as it claims to be in its description, but is worth trying. You can opt for trial version so that you can be sure if this is the tool that you are looking for or not. You can track keyword position in almost 800 search engines. But who cares about the count? Everyone needs the keyword ranking checker to be best in three search engines that are Yahoo, Google and Bing. Yes, it is good in them. You can track your competitors’ rankings, and can check that where you are going wrong.

Rank Tracker

This keyword tracking tool comes with nice and intuitive user interface. It is one of the plus points of this tool. You can track your own or competitors’ keyword position in major search engines. The best part about this tool is that it displays the change in rankings. It reflects the image of your uptrend or downtrend. You can schedule the tool so that you need not to check the ranking again and again manually. All is done automatically. You can opt for free version of the tool. The free tool does not save your data. It is alive as long as the tool is running. It’s better to try out the tool with free version, and then, if you like, can opt for pro version that costs you $99.75. Don’t be excited! It is usable for limited time only. After that, you need to opt for any plan of your choice.


If you are looking for a good keyword ranking tracking tool, but your budget is low, then this is what is made for you. Like others, this one is also available as free version which comes with limited features and lets you add only one site at a time. The full report regarding the keyword tracking is shown and any change in the rankings in the past time is also shown. You can view the report in list type or can also in the graphical format. You can schedule the keyword tracking task, so that you don’t need to check do it manually again and again. If trial version of this popular keyword tracking tool suits you, then you can go for the pro version which costs you $59.95.


Another paid keyword tracking tool with a good user base. This tool lets you do a quick search about the ranking of keywords. The best part about this tool is that along with displaying organic keywords, it gives complete report about PPC keywords. It also displays the misspellings for popular keywords which is its unique feature. Since the service is simple to use, so you need not to be an old player in the Internet field to use it. The plans start from $89/month.

Authority Labs

This one has been following rapid uptrend in its popularity graph. The people who are using this service, are quite amused from the results. You can check the keyword’s position by going through simple steps. The 30-day trial offer makes it risk-free to use. The free sign up does not even require the Credit Card. If you like the service, then you can opt for monthly subscription that starts from $49/month.

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    Hahaha as we heard “Content is the King, but SEO is the Queen – and that lady rules” :P. Well I was searching for this since many days 🙂 And you haven’t added

  2. Amrik Virdi says:

    Hello Amit,

    Nice post indeed. I often use Seobook’s keyword position tool to track my keywords ranks.You have shared some great tools to track keywords. I am sure readers will make use of it.

    I am also agree to Himanshu. is also a tremendous tool to track seo and keywords activity. I feel glad if you add in your list.

    Cheers & looking forward more more awesome post from you buddy. You really doing a great job.
    Happy Blogging!

    Amrik Virdi

  3. saqib razzaq says:

    Market Samurai is the best one in entire list but it is not available for free I think…Other tools will help a lot….Well put Amit….

  4. Harleena Singh says:

    Thanks Amit for review and list of all important keyword rank trackers. Do some of these help in keyword research as well? I’ve used Rank Checker, SEO Centro’s Rank Checker and SEMrush’s free version that comes with its toolbar. I find the Firefox extension of SEOBook easier to use.

  5. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Hey Amit.
    I didn’t know about Moonsy till now. Thanks a lot for giving me the new information.

  6. Nice post Amit! I don’t know most of the tracking tools which you’ve specified here, will use it in the future while writing the blog posts.

    Neat work, thanks for sharing 😛

  7. Arbaz Khan says:

    That’s a nice list of tools to track our rankings.
    However you missed one other great tool but that one’s a paid one – LongTail Pro. 🙂

  8. Arup Ghosh says:

    I use for a long time and it is really a great tool for checking all the ranks of your website for free.

  9. Asif Khan says:

    I have been using SEOCentro for quite some time now ’cause it lets me find the rank of my competitors. Moonsy is also a nice tool for SEO analysis.

  10. Joshua Smith says:

    I’d have to say Market Samurai is the outright leader in this space but for the purposes of tracking your ranking, you can’t look past SEMrush. The service they provide is second to none especially with respect to their metrics. A lot of information, however I can understand the price tag would deter many potential subscribers.

  11. A wonderful list Amit. I am a fan of SEMRush and Long Tail Pr (not web based but a software). Cute rank works great too. And I also use Market Samurai and Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker 🙂 Oh I’m such a junkie lol!

  12. sheshnath says:

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for this list, Many on this list were unknown to me but Now I will give try to these tools.

  13. WEbCEO is indeed a great tool. I have used many of them from the list. but few looks new to me too. Will check out. Thanks

  14. vishvast says:

    hello amit
    thnx for sharing the complete tools for Keyword Rankings and Tracking will share it wid my other blogger friends too

  15. Prabhakar says:


    Thanks for the detailed list.. Market Samurai and Ahref seems the best tool to track ranking..

    I use SERPbuddy now.. Its works great for very cheap plan.