How To Make Your Blog Really Outstanding

Every blogger dreams of having a really outstanding blog, but not every blogger actually knows how to make it being like this. What does exactly make your blog interesting? Why does one blog has thousands of readers every day, but another one can’t see even a single visitor per day though its content seems interesting and useful to know?

Certainly, everything will depend on your writing and SEO skills. Experienced bloggers can tell you a lot about how much they worked to make their blogs popular and exciting for readers, and to blog like real pros. And if you want to join their company and become the owner of a really outstanding blog, don’t waste your time and try to remember the following tricks.

 Blogging Tips

Your title says it all

When a reader comes to your blog, titles are the first thing he will see. And it’s obvious, that only a title can make him click on the article itself and read it till the very end. If you write boring titles for your blog’s post, then forget about visitors forever. They won’t come to your blog over and over again, as they will think that nothing interesting can be found there.

Believe us, such a title as “ Top 10 Things That Always Go Wrong” will be catchier for a visitor than “The Worst Day Of My Life”. So, try to make you titles in a way, they could awake people’s curiosity and desire to read a post itself.

One more thing to remember about titles is keywords. If you want to get more traffic, don’t forget using some keywords in your post’s title to give it more chances to appeal in search engines. The more people will find your article – the more traffic and readers you’ll get as a result.

But! Too many keywords in a title are not good as well. Make sure that all of them sound natural and don’t make your title just a simple number of words.

The simpler – the better

When a person comes to read your blog, he doesn’t want to find there words and sentences he will not understand. Don’t try to look very smart and clever using too complex words or words expressions. Your visitor will never read a text he doesn’t understand, he more likely leave your blog forever.

Pictures or videos are your best helpers to make a blog’s post more outstanding. People like media, and there are more chances they will read an article with images or video files added, because it’s too boring to read texts, texts, and… wait a minute… texts again! Imagine yourself a blog reader for a moment: would it be interesting for you to read a boring post with no images at all?


We speak about your readers’ active participation in your blog’s life. Polls and various contests work fine, but they are not the only method to motivate visitors. You can make it much easier: just ask questions in your articles themselves, ask for a reader’s thoughts, say that you appreciate feedback. Yes, it really works! When a person feels that his opinion is something really needed here, he won’t keep silence and leave you a comment.

People come to the Internet to be heard, and if you give them such an opportunity, they will come to your blog over and over again.

Think different!

There are millions of blog on the web today, and unfortunately most of them look the same. How to make your blog recognizable and really attractive? Don’t be afraid of being different. Develop your personal style of writing for example, think of unusual design for your blog, add some new unique blocks that only your blog will have etc.

Visitors will definitely notice and remember your blog because of such features, and they will definitely come back to read it again.

Know your niche and educate your readers

When you choose a niche for your blog, your main task is not only to follow it, but also know it quite well. Never write about something you don’t understand actually, because your readers will feel that at once. Focus on your niche and make visitors learn something new about it when they come to read your posts. It will help you avoid the most common blogging mistakes all newbies can make.

When a person comes to read a blog, he wants to get something from the information given. And if you understand your niche, you will always have some useful tips to share with people. Do you have a lot of advice to share? Perfect! Split them to compose several different articles, use catchy titles – and you’ll make them easy-to-read and interesting to learn for your readers.

Reputation is your everything

Good reputation is very important for every blogger to have. Certainly, it will take some time to gain it, but it’s really worth it. The more bloggers know about you – the more popular your own blog becomes.

The main thing here is to choose what you’ll be famous for: your writing skills, your knowledge of the topic chosen, your personal style of writing etc.

We hope these blogging tricks will be useful for you, and they help you make your won blog perfect. If you have something to add or disagree with us here, you are welcome to share your thoughts.

 Happy blogging!

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  1. Amrik Virdi says:

    Hello Alexa,

    You have shared and explained everything. But how can you forget about promotions and marketing of a blog. It’s must to share your post on your social networking sites and with friends. Without right marketing and promotion strategy your blog become grave yard.

    Overall, nice blog post.


    • Alex Strike says:

      Hello Amrik!

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, promotion is very important for your blog to be popular among readers. But I’ve just tried to give some advice on how to make a blog outstanding for visitors who have already come and read it: what to write about, how to write and so on. Sure, no marketing – no popularity for your blog, and all bloggers clearly understand it!


  2. Anirudh says:

    Definitely! We should try every option to make our blog unique and stand out from the big crowd. That will make sure that readers do remember our blogs.

    • Alex Strike says:

      Totally agree with you, my friend! The Internet is full of different blogs ,there are millions of them on the Web! Bloggers should do their best to make their sites outstanding, then people will visitthem again and again. What can be better for us?)))