Most New Bloggers will NEVER Succeed – Don’t be ONE of them

Recently I read an article somewhere which says only 3 out of 100 bloggers are successful in the blogosphere.Most New Bloggers will NEVER Succeed – Don’t be ONE of them

Yea, you heard it right. That’s just 3!

How come a new blogger can survive in the crowded blogosphere?

There are so many reasons for a blogger to become a failure. Few are:

  • Most new bloggers don’t have any online reputation
  • They don’t know what to write about
  • They don’t know how to monetize their blogs and
  • They don’t focus on improving their online brand

In order to excel in the blogosphere, first learn few things that will help you in blogging.

Without further ado, here are a few reasons why most bloggers fail. Avoid them to create a better blog in order to be successful.

Stop Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Avoid re-blogging.

I’m not talking about copy-pasting.

Even if you come up with the generic blog post ideas, it’s a waste of time for you to build loyal readership around your blogs.

No one likes to read and share stuff that is being discussed everywhere. You must provide a reason for people to visit and read your blogs.

Without having a reason, no one would be interested in promoting your blog; after all people’s attention is everything in blogging.

Start Caring for Others

Blogosphere is built on win/win approach.

If you want to succeed in blogging and want to build a unique brand for yourself, start caring about others.

No matter how busy you are, spend time on promoting others work. Most new bloggers often spend their time in self-promoting.

Self-promotion often leads to two things:

  1. It creates a negative impact on you for being self-promotional all the time
  2. It makes others to think that you are spamming their feeds, Facebook pages etc.

That is why you must focus on promoting other’s content. It will not only help you to grab their attention, but it also gives them a good reason to promote your stuff too!

Don’t Post ONLY on Your Blog

Guest posting has become a weapon for most bloggers to succeed online.

Many guest bloggers like Danny Iny, Jane Sheeba, Onibalusi, Gregory Ciotti etc have proved that guest posting is an ultimate weapon to build an online brand.

If you want to quickly build your brand and online presence, guest blogging is the perfect way for you!

Before entering into guest blogging, follow these tips.

  • Analyze to whom you are writing for
  • Observe what posts are going viral on your targeted guest blogs
  • Read guest blogging guidelines
  • Learn to write effective copy
  • Give credits wherever required
  • Link to their old and relevant posts
  • Build strong relationships with other bloggers

Learn Internet Marketing

If you want to make money blogging, you must know how the money works on Internet. Without knowing the money flow on the web, you will end up earning peanuts from your blog(s).

Observe any successful blogger who is making a living from their blog(s), you will find the following reasons for their success.

  • They know how to sell
  • They know how to build a great network around their blog(s)
  • They give strong reasons for their readers to buy their products
  • They always come up with unique blog post ideas and
  • They are EVERYWHERE!

Most bloggers don’t succeed because they don’t get any income from their blogs even after working hard for several months. I know how it feels for anyone who is not earning even a penny from their blogging efforts.

But what you should keep in mind is, learn how the successful bloggers in your niche are monetizing their blogs. Observe what kind of products they are selling and analyze their readers; thoroughly go through their income reports or archives to examine their blogging efforts.

Spend quality time in learning the Internet marketing basics, more importantly learn how to SELL the stuff online. This way you will be able to find the right kind of monetization methods for your blogs to make money blogging.

Bloggers Must Invest Money

Money comes only after investing – hard truth for most new bloggers.

Many people start their blogs with blogspot or WordPress free blogs and they expect decent monthly income from it. How can you expect money out of a blog without spending a dime on it?

No one likes mediocre blog design, in fact, blog design is the single most important element that will create an immediate impression on the visitors of a blog. So, give your best to improve your blog design, and use search engine friendly themes like Genesis, Thesis etc to boost your search ranking results.

Whether you are investing on design, plugins or content marketing, make sure to consider your long term goals.

In a nutshell:

Successful blogging is not a rocket science, but it’s a combination of successful tribe and consistent efforts. Always provide your best to create great impact on the blogosphere; you will soon create a blog that matters.

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Yes, in my short 2 years blogging I’ve seen many bloggers come and go. It’s amazing how many give up within the 1st year. How much time Ian would you say it takes for the average blogger to ever make money? Interesting topic. And some great advice.

    • Nandita B. says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I think, it takes around 2 yrs to make money from a blog (average). But with more time and efforts you can earn decent money, even within 7 months of starting your blogging career.

  2. Sarvesh Darak says:

    Awesome points!

    Well yes, most of the newbie bloggers have a habit of copying content from others and pasting them straightly to their blogs without any hesitation but they are not aware that google is strict in finding duplicate content.


  3. I have to say that nowadays bloggers must know about content marketing. The secret lies in your ability to promote the content you already have, because if you’ve got something that was only seen by 100 people, chances are there are at least 10,000 or 100,000 other people in the world that can benefit from what you wrote.

    Great Post Ian Mason!

  4. abhishek says:

    copy paste is what that kills the blog and many new blogger doesn’t understand this, very useful tips for new blogger

  5. Mohsin Ali says:

    Unfortunately initially almost 50% bloggers start with copy pasting and this is due to the lack of proper education and guidance. Many people think that internet is an ATM machine where you can earn money blindly.

  6. Shiva Chettri says:

    Some pretty handy tips in this post Ian, I suppose these tips can come handy not just for newbie bloggers but also for bloggers who have been in the game for a decent amount of time but have not been able to find success. The points you have mentioned are the things that these bloggers may not have been doing, such as helping others, building a network, guest blogging etc.

  7. Arup Ghosh says:

    Most of the new bloggers focused on earning quick money and it is the only reason behind their failure.

  8. Rajeeb says:

    Thanks Ian for pointing out the mistakes of newbie blogger. I was amazed to know the fact that only 3 out of 100 become success on blogging. Making reputation and online brand matters on blogging. Main mistake of newbie blogger is that they focus on making money instead of adding quality content. I was one of them 😀 . But now i am known to all the strategies to be successful in blogging through different articles.
    Thanks again

  9. Anirudh says:

    This post highlights some of the top tips to succeed as a new blogger. Yes, as you said the new bloggers should never forget to start guest posting. Guest posting is a total killer when it comes to blogging!

  10. Vincent Armstead says:

    Great information shared for the new bloggers. As most of the bloggers have the habit of copying the content which must be avoided. Writing quality post is a must for your blogs. Blogging requires deep research for the topics and readers you want to target.

  11. Sohil Memon says:

    Great Post. I am also a new blogger. I never give up and this makes me stronger.
    And the post is really awesome for new blogger inspiration also.

  12. prem pandit says:

    Ian Mason
    Really a good article, i am sure that this article will be beneficial for those who are new in the blogging field and it is correct that Money comes only after investing.


  13. Nandita B. says:

    Hi Ian,

    Great tips to be a successful blogger. Not only for newbies, but also for established ones.


  14. Rajesh Jhamb says:

    you did great job by providing such useful information. Before reading this article i was also doing self-Promotion of my blog but after reading this article I realize that it will impact bad impression.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such good stuff

  15. Hi Ian, very interesting and insightful article. Many people don’t understand the fact that money attracts money. If you want to earn money you have to invest some first.

  16. Raj kumar says:

    Hey Ian, Great topic….. But every blogger is new in his initial stage right…….. So the beginners should never be disappointed if they are not successful in the beginning.

  17. Mahaveer Verma says:

    Nice post Ian. I agree to most of the points here except one – that blogging requires investment and that money can be made only from money.

    I have always believed that Blogging is the best business just because you can make money without investing anything. As my own example, I started with a completely free blog and after about half year, I started getting some decent steady income from it.

    Yes, I get invest a bit at my blog once, but that was much later than when I had started getting a passive income.

    Other than that, I agree with everything and I really liked reading your post 🙂

  18. Well written tips for new blogger. I think now a days Guest post, comment on others site,Facebook marketing & forum posting are the best way to improve site traffic as well as link building

  19. Lakhjyoti Saikia says:

    Newbies should be aware the copying and pasting posts directly.Will never ever help them.They should practice in a genuine way to get success.

  20. Hello Ian,
    You have Done a great job. I like This Article. Specially That point ” Bloggers Must Invest Money” . That is nice And true. I am new Blogger. I will keep in mind this Rules. Thanks for Sharing this Article.

  21. Christopher J says:

    Money comes only after investing! Thats a hard truth mate! I really liked this post! 🙂

  22. Jignesh Padhiyar says:

    Amazing post. Yes, gone are the days when re-blogging was paying efforts. Now one should stop blogging if he is not able to write fruitful content.

    And one more thing while going for guest post on other site, I guess its better practice use your domain name rather than using keywords.

  23. PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money for Free says:

    Yes, I agree with your points. Newbie bloggers often starts copy pasting on their blogs and this is one mistake provides to become a vanishing point for them, and thus they leave blogging. Furthermore, one will surely need to invest a bit of money to get back something in return.

  24. Wow…the simplicity with which you described the complex problem of blogosphere is amazing………Nice post, hoping to read more from you…………..!!