Blogging-Is It For Everyone?

To become a successful blogger you need to make your audience yearn for more. But too much blogging can result in poor quality of blogs. You can come up with various relevant blogs once you understand the requirements of your readers. You have to ensure that your work should be carefully edited prior to its submission. You can engage the audience in your conversations and take a note at their perspective. Recognition is built when you actively participate in some other blogs that are closely related to your topics. You can easily generate a fair amount of traffic when you post a relevant comment.

Blogging Tips

When you post a content of high quality it will automatically attract new readers and increase traffic to your blog. You ought to readily respond to the questions of the readers and appreciate them for their contribution towards your conversations. Everyone feels the need to be wanted in the blogging community. In order to establish a successful blog you need to have patience and commitment. Along with this there are certain important attributes to blogging. The following attributes are required to build a successful blog:


Whatever you choose to blog research plays an important role in developing your content. This is something that you will definitely need well before you start with your blogging to supply some useful content to your readers.


The knowledge that you obtain should be nicely put into words in such a way that the readers can completely understand your blog. The writing skill can be acquired with a good amount of practice.

Accepting Criticism

Some people can leave comments on your blog that will not be uplifting but they might be enlightening as well which need not be ignored. Once you start blogging you will automatically become more and more comfortable with expressing your opinions. This may of course draw some criticism. You need to learn from the criticism and just move on.

Avoid frustration

Remember that a successful blog demands a lot of time and patience. When you notice that nobody is reading your blog you may get frustrated. But it should not influence your writing efforts. It is important to establish your online presence in earlier stages of blogging. This can be achieved by posting some interesting content to your blog.

Self Motivation

As a blogger you need to keep yourself constantly self motivated. Unless you make an effort to consistently post new content your site will not attract visitors.

In order to become a successful blogger you need certain personal attributes much more than talents. Blogging process requires you to invest a lot of time and patience. Although you might have posted some good content for your readers you must continue to keep posting content that can capture the interest of your readers. The results that you expect will not be always apparent and this is where your perseverance is required. You need to stay focused in order to create something interest that will appeal to your readers.

People are always curious to know about what to expect while looking for blogs. Maintaining a schedule of consistent posting of content will compel the visitors to come back to your blog. You also need to keep your updates pertinent to your platform theme. You require to select a theme that interests you since it will keep you motivated when your blog is not getting sufficient visitors.

In order to attract visitors to your site you need to present some relevant material on your blog. No matter what theme you choose for your platform you have to hold the relevancy of your post updates. You have to select keywords that can have a search demand and are relevant to the topic of your post. You have to ensure that the keywords are not overused while you create your blog content. Using the keywords in a proper way can generate more traffic.

Frequent posting of content to your blog can make the search engines visit your blog. You need to provide posts that are relevant and are optimized properly with keywords. This is likely to gain a boost in search engine ranking. This will help you to get more traffic for your site. Building traffic for your blog starts by offering the site visitors with some interesting material. This can make the visitors refer your blog to others and by doing so there is mouth advertising on your blog.

Becoming a better blogger is more of a test of your effort and time than your talent. It needs you to consistently produce interesting content for your visitors. Learning to blog needs an investment of your patience and time. In the early stages of blogging you may experience your efforts going seemingly unrewarded but with constant efforts you will get the desired results.

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. rakesh kumar says:

    Motivation was the point that i pick from this article. SInce we know,Money is a great motivator, so if you are earning real money from your blog, all the other points like reasearch automatically comes. SO in my opinion first of all you should learn how to e arn. if you are not able to earn how you can teach others?

    • You are right Rakesh, Money is a great motivator and today I guess almost more than 90% of the bloggers are blogging for money only…

  2. PrIyAnGsHu @ Technology Blog says:

    Nice post, Rajkumar. Of course, blogging is not for everyone. People consider blogging as an easy task, but in reality – it’s obviously not. You need to have good writing skills and must be specialized on a particular topic to be able to become a successful blogger. What’d you say?

  3. If we consider the technicalities and formalities, blogging is not for everyone. But for me, yes. Blogging can be for everyone because we all have something to say. Because if blogging is just for those who can write, then what about other who have something in their mind that are substantial content but cannot write them properly in words?

  4. gautham says:

    With many of my friends blogging, I know, rather I have learnt that blogging is definitely not for everyone!

  5. I agree that motivation is very important but I don’t agree with Rakesh’s comment that money could be a motivator, especially during early stage when you don’t make much money. Many new bloggers quit blogging during initial few months because money doesn’t start rolling so soon. First, you need to focus on quality content, link building and targetted traffic. And during that period also, you need to stay motivated (without being able to make money). Hope I was able to make a point here.

  6. Hi Rajkumar,
    Great topic you have shared with us! Blogging is something that has the potential for success in nearly any industry. However, this slim potential doesn’t translate into big bucks or Internet success for everyone. Dreaming of a career as a famous blogger won’t translate into real success if we aren’t equipped for the job.