Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Flip Cover

Recently Samsung galaxy s4 crossed the sales mark of the predecessor galaxy s3, and recently I also bought a S4. Being an owner of a S4 is not a simple task,

Now you might be wondering, HOW?

The S4 is a powerful Smartphone to hold and if you have seen the movie Spiderman I am sure you have heard these lines

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You need to take care of your phone until you are a billionaire who can afford to buy a new Smartphone everyday.

Flip covers for Smartphones have again come in trend and every Smartphone user wants to have one for his Smartphone because

They Look Cool, Official and they are Popular

The other reason why these covers have come in trend is because most of the times they hide the actual brand of your cell phone, if you have a cheap Smartphone and you have a flip cover with it which fits nicely no one would able to tell that you have an inexpensive phone 😀

Just Kidding!

Now let us jump to the core of the topic of the day, Today I am going to tell you about a flip cover available for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Now Plllllease don’t ask me the question

What! A flip cover what is so special about it?

I also thought the same until I got to know that this flip cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 has a twist, there is a slot on the front of the cover

Here is an image of that cover, to help you understand what slot I am talking about

Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Flip Cover

That small slot on the front might appear a small change to you but it is a really cool change


Imagine a situation

When you receive a text message on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and you have the traditional flip cover attached to it

Now when you receive a text message you first need to take out your phone, open the flip cover and read it

Which takes some time and if the message was useless you feel like all your efforts in taking out the phone and opening the cover went in vain

That might sound stupid but most of you feel this way, this small change in the flip cover design can help you with that regret

You just take out your phone and there you just see who has sent you the message, if its important to open the cover and read it, if it is useless just returning to your work

The same is with the calls you receive

Being Honest, it has a disadvantage which might trouble you

The section of the screen which is uncovered will regularly receive scratches and fingerprint marks

The rest of the section automatically cleans up the screen because the front part has fur on the inner side

The cover is built with durable, high quality synthetic materials and can bear high drops.


As I every review I give you a conclusion with my verdict and my review score so here it is

Overall this flip cover is really nice piece of work, As Samsung Galaxy S4 has gorilla glass the disadvantage in this cover shouldn’t be a problem for you. It will fit properly on your phone and is a quality product so it is a nice deal to buy one for your phone

My Overall Rating: 4.5/5

That’s great Amit, but where can I get one for my phone

You can get the Samsung Galaxy S4 S View flip cover from at a price of $41.99 directly delivered at your place.

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  1. Prem pandit says:

    Hi, Amit
    Yes bro you are right and i am much impress with your words that is ‘You need to take care of your phone until you are a billionaire who can afford to buy a new Smartphone everyday’ Buying Smartphone is very much good thing but you’ve protect it with flip cover.

  2. Prabhat says:

    Yes, this seems to be very much good and low budget website for buying the Galaxy S4 flip cover for me, I tried out flipkart and didn’t get that much great quality as much I wanted!

  3. Gautham A S says:

    Nice I will try to look for a similar cover for my LG Optimus 4X HD… 🙂

  4. Payal Bansal says:

    Hi Amit

    Nice post. But are these covers only available for S4 or all smartphones?
    I like this flip cover, but don’t want to buy S4 just because I liked the cover.. 😛

  5. Hey Amit,
    Have heard a lot about your writing and today I got my answer that why? 😛 The way in which you have putted up the little little things facilitated by this flip cover can tempt any one and can beat any marketing strategies to get this cover. 😛
    Such flip covers are ruling the market because of its usefulness and its trendy and professional outlook for your smartphone.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. 🙂