Clashot: Monetize your iPhone Photographs

Everyone would love if someone pays for his or her passion! Is there any change in your case? We guess not.  If your passion is Photography, Clashot is must-have application for you. You might be familiar with some photojournalism-based services, which pay you for high quality stock photos taken using your professional DSLR cameras. However, Clashot is an entirely different application in this aspect because it requires no professional camera for selling your photographs. What you need is just an iPhone, internet connection and your talent to snap good shots using iPhone camera. We can also say that Clashot is an iOS Application to monetize iPhonography (Photography via iPhone).

Clashot: Monetize your iPhone Photographs

This application is a member of Depositphotos team, which is a leading microstock agency, quite popular as well. As you can guess, the Clashot uses the same platform for selling your photos so that even popular news agencies, graphics agencies etc. may be interested in buying your snaps. Obviously, you do not have to confuse yourself about the reliability of service. If you can capture good photos without carrying the huge camera and its kit, Clashot is a good way to earn indeed. Now, we can have a look on this super Application.

Working Concept of Clashot

Clashot is very simple when considering the way it works but performs very well. This app simply uploads your photographs to Depositphotos servers in no time. There will be a team from Clashot to review your photos and accept them if they pass the standard criteria. Then, the app will publish your photos in Depositphotos’s sales section, where various stock-photo gathering agencies can get your photographs. Further things are just like Depositphotos, which means you will get commissions for each purchase and commissions will be credited in the account. There are a few methods using which you can withdraw earning such as PayPal. Apart from a normal photo-selling platform, this application has a good image-sharing platform as well.


Clashot is a completely free iOS Application available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This app is coming with support for various languages. As said before, you can monetize your photographs using the application by converting them into form of stock photos. Clashot might not be the only application with impressive designs but it is a great application when productivity matters. In some sections, Clashot resembles Instagram but the distinguishing factor is the tool to make reports. Clashot also contains a few features, which makes it fit to standalone from some usual stock photo selling applications, also giving an extended social aspect to the service. We can have a look on those features next.

Wizard – This is one of the features distinguishing Clashot from Instagram. Uploading your photos to the service is much simple because, using wizard, you can upload single photograph or a set of photographs by stuffing them into a ‘report’. In the report, you can add some essential details about the photograph such as category, description etc. Once the photo is accepted by moderation team, the photo will be live for Depositphotos purchase.

Camera – As we said before, Clashot has not much designing stuff. A camera application is included in the application with same capturing features of stock iPhone camera. You can use some external editing applications if necessary. You can either upload fresh snaps or upload photos taken earlier. In both of these options, customization is same even though the integrated application will be useful in sudden capturing & uploading situations.

Clashot: Monetize your iPhone Photographs

Feed – You can compare this feature to the news feed of Facebook or tweets section of Twitter. This is the feature, which provides the application a social aspect because Feed is all about interacting with photographs published by various iPhonographers. Photos are arranged in a Pinterest-like design and users can rate and comment those photographs. Users can also share photos to promote them.

Clashot: Monetize your iPhone Photographs

Identity – There is a specific profile for each Clashot user, where they can publish essential details about them accompanied by some following features like Twitter. Users can interact using messaging feature as well as following favourite artists. Obviously, profile feature of Clashot converts it to a photo-based social network. Apart from this identity section, profile gives a brief look on your sales reports, earnings etc. For making more social, Clashot has integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Clashot: Monetize your iPhone Photographs

Settings & Withdrawal – Settings section of Clashot is not messed up and is neatly arranged. Clashot has two different fund withdrawal options including PayPal and WebMoney.

To Improve

Though the application is practically great and productive, there are some sections where developers can improve the application. First, the commission percentage of Clashot is much low when compared to others. In addition, the integrated camera application lacks some enhancement effects to make the photograph look good. I Clashot is able to fix these issues, it is 100% sure that the app will be a huge success.


Clashot is a must-have application for iPhone or iPod Touch owners, who will love to earn through photographs they take through the device. Website support of Clashot also increases your images’ popularity. Though there are some sections to improve, the App is completely productive and can help passionate photographers who lack the huge DSLR stuff with them. You can download this application and start earning from the iTunes Store.

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