What Web Developers Should Know About Cloud Computing

With the cloud, and changes in technology, if you presume it won’t affect your blog or website, you may be wrong, and may cause problems with web development. Designers embrace this technology because it makes it easier, and makes development and content updates easier and cleaner. From file updates to new content management (CMS) to site changes, the cloud makes all this easier. So, it is important to look at this, and see how the cloud works.

cloud computing

How Cloud Computing works

The World Wide Web runs on servers, which are hard drives that are connected in many locations. The cloud requires each of these locations around the world to leverage resources from each other, to create the virtual servers, and collect data. Physical disk space is transcended by using these virtual servers; cloud runs on a number of physical servers at once. This means less process is required, and faster speeds can be attained by the servers. Also, cloud applications can be accessed and run more easily within all browsers- from Firefox to Safari. If you have ever used an extension app, it is likely that you have used the cloud server (whether you knew or not) to run this application.

FTP (file transfer protocol) is required to update sites globally, and is required to update and upload files to different sites. A majority of pages rely on dynamic content; the content is then managed through back end CMS applications. Although cloud won’t completely change and update this, looking at the changes made thus far can give you an idea of where things are going.

For in browser site and edit imaging, most site developers use Adobe’s Photoshop, for the most precise editing capabilities; Adobe is actually the industry standard for most top companies. Processing power that is required for major apps like Photoshop is a major problem; most that use Adobe need powerful processing, simply to run the program on the devices that they are using. While cloud takes off, it is highly likely that more image and editing software is going to take off as well, requiring less power in order to run the applications for editing. This is going to mean more powerful editing and the required power for quick and on the go jobs, is going to be much smaller, when they are used with cloud.

With major piracy of software being a big problem, there have been talks that all major software manufacturers might stop production of software, and move all of their applications over to the cloud. Not only is this going to reduce the possibility (or eliminate the possibility) of piracy, it is going to cut costs, and make operations much easier for those using these programs. Although it is not on the for front, many major companies are possibly going to cut back on developing software, and transitioning to the cloud; not only to eliminate issues with piracy, but also in an attempt to cut on the high cost of developing the different software companies.

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