What to Expect From 4G versus 5G

In an era where communication is given primary emphasis and importance, you cannot afford to be left behind. The dizzying developments that are being made in the field of communication can sometimes serve to make keeping up with all of the changes, but you try your best to be at par with the rest. Of course, you’d love to be up to date with the latest and the newest bit of news and information there is, just like the rest of the populace.

What to Expect From 4G versus 5G

When you start talking about communication today, you’d invariably think of the Internet. That is true for anyone else who’s going to start thinking or talk about communication and the dissemination of information these days. And when it comes to the Internet, it is not just about communication anymore, it has become much more than that indeed. Although it can definitely be argued that for most people, it is still mainly about communication.

The overwhelming discussion about the Internet and how effectively it is used as a means of communication usually centers on its speed. By this, it means that people like you and me are concerned about how fast the connections are and what Internet service providers provide the fastest and best service. That’s where the scramble for the top wireless broadband really gets going because everyone wants the best service possible. You should visit the iinet NBN rollout website to find out when you will be eligible for lightning fast speeds.

Even though wireless broadband and especially the word broadband originally had a more technical definition – instantaneous bandwidths that are more than 1 MHz and supports data rates that are more than 1.5 Mbit/s – it is now more of a marketing term. When you say broadband, it usually refers to any high-speed Internet connection technology or computer network.

Since the technology involving high-speed Internet connection is always progressing, always developing the next step of its various aspects is always being discussed. One of those is the debate, or at least the discussion, involving 4G and 5G. The question that is usually asked is what could be expected from 4G going up against the emerging 5G system.

4G and 5G: Head to Head

When you talk about 4G and 5G systems, you are referring to mobile broadband. Mobile broadband is now actually more of a marketing term – similar to what happened to broadband in general – used for wireless Internet access that’s made possible by a number of mobile devices. Those devices are quite familiar to all of us, like a mobile phone, portable modem, or a tablet. Wireless access to the Internet goes back to 1991 when the second generation of mobile phone technology or what have been known as 2G was introduced. Since then, higher speeds have been introduced resulting from the developments in technology, such as 3G and 4G.

So What Can We Expect Now?

So what can be expected from all this fuss about 4G versus 5G? Could we expect to have significant changes and improvements from 4G, which is already considered cutting edge for today? What is currently in use today is already the fourth generation in mobile phone technology, although 3G is still so much widely used. The thing about 4G is that what actually resulted was not able to realize the original standards that were set for it. The very same thing could most probably happen with 5G, and that remains to be seen about this new system.

Even though 5G is yet to have any set of standards of its own, there are already expectations that are related to it. It is likely to go beyond simply increasing the speed because 4G was already supposed to address that concern. Even though it is definitely going to be faster than the system that came before it, its main thrust will likely be about consuming less power, with fewer chances for batteries getting drained.

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  1. Hemant Jain says:

    yes, you are right that people expect a lot from 4g and 5g in respect to speed and lower power consumption. great advancement. thanks for the info.

  2. Its nice but point that give a fear to user is a price. Just See the price of 3G. What more we can expect from 4G or 5G.

  3. Arbaz Khan says:

    Price factor is a big set off here!
    However 4G would be worth the try, don’t you think?

  4. Hi Amit,
    I believe and agree with my friends above, Arbaz and Shahid. But I think the most important point here will be the battery power consumption. People would expect more in respect to power consumption from 4G and 5G.