Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 HDMI Compatible Charging Case Review

As we know that the Samsung galaxy s4 is the most selling smartphone by Samsung, its immense popularity has also brought up a huge demand for accessories.

More and More people now own an S4 and most of them are hungry for new accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 HDMI

It is believed that a phone without accessories is just like a bowl of noodles without spices.

Though the manufacturer already builds in a lot of functions in a device the demand for accessories has always gone it, whether it is headsets, covers, cases etc.

Today in this post we are going to discuss one such amazing accessory for the Samsung Galaxy s4

In this post, we are going to talk about a charging dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4

A charging dock is nothing much special but a charging dock with HDMI support is really something to try out

Charging docks are not so common in general as most people still prefer the conventional wire and the box charger for charging their portable devices

People who are using a charging dock find it really useful as it takes the job of attaching a charger to your phone, just keep your phone in the dock and it starts absorbing energy

The other best part about a charging dock is that it looks good on your table, isn’t it

Now what about the HDMI Compatibility, This dock allows you to connect it to your PC Monitor or your TV and watch movies and listen to media from your mobile phone

If I summarize, here are few reasons why you should try out this awesome accessory

Charger + HDMI Connecting Port

It Works with and without a Case

Easy and convenient

Stable and Secure

These were the outer or general features of this charging dock, here are the details for geeks

Net Weight: 90g

Dimension: 140 x 50 x 30 mm

INPUT: DC 5V/1000mA – USB 5V/500mA

OUTPUT: USB: DC 5V/500mA – BATTERY: DC 4.2V/500mA

Those were some pros of this accessory, and we know that nothing is perfect

This Charging dock has some problems which I don’t like

It is Slow- In the time your conventional charger will charge the phone totally this dock will only make it until half in that time

And I think I forgot to tell you that it is a compact sized gadget so it won’t cover a lot of space on your table and is useful too.


As I every review I give you a conclusion with my verdict and my review score so here it is

After looking at this gadget if you forget about your girlfriend then it is a must try for you. While if you don’t use the HDMI port or you think you don’t need it than spending $32 on it will not be a good idea

Overall this charging dock is a really nice piece of work. Except the fact that it charges the phone slow everything else in this gadget worth the money. It will be good for people who come from the office, drop in their phone for charging the whole night and leave the next day and repeat this schedule. Your phone will fit properly and is a quality product so it is a nice deal to buy one for your phone

My Overall Rating: 4.5/5

That’s great Amit, but where can I get one for my phone

You can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 HDMI Compatible Charging Dock from at a price of $32 directly delivered at your place.

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  1. emily @ techpatio says:

    Although having a charging dock with an HDMI connection port is not really something innovative, it is certainly a good idea because this is something you will not normally find. I still have the not so aged S3 and such accessories are definitely a welcome because it can help you extend to a bigger screen without much fuss. Then again, the $32 price tag may be a bit much for simply a connection port.

  2. Hey Amit, one of ma frnds giving me Samsung S3 and offered me to buy with Rs. 15000. Its 3 month old smartphone.. Please suggest me what i do. Should i go to buy through my friend or brand new piece.

  3. Galaxy S4 supports the wireless charger also, I prefer using it…but it does not add the HDMI streaming with it….hopefully chromecast will remove that issue….