Traffic On WordPress Sites: An Elaborated Report

Traffic on WordPress: Is it Really Needed?

Well, it is seriously needful to explore for business organizations, which use WordPress in their web sites. More importantly, there is no rocket science, applied in mechanism of search engine optimization. You just need to follow few steps to cater the traffic on WordPress website. Here are some useful tips that you can implement in your website. Following of these steps should get traffic on your wordpress.

Add a Blog in Your Site

WordPress provides an excellent opportunity of adding a blog in all WP based websites. You just need to ask your WordPress programmer to add the blogging application in your web site. It will help you in creating detailed contents that should be related to your domain. You just need to give a perfect look & feel to your blog. Additionally, your blog should also be optimized for all search engines. The blog pages should be updated with accurate Meta data & researched keywords to gain attention. It will be a helpful way of developing high quality contents for your online readers.

Integrate Your Site Socially

You might be aware of the some of the WordPress. WP provides you the option of social media integration. With this, you will be able to broadcast your messages across millions of people. You can make your social media handles on these sites. Your Facebook & Twitter Fan Pages should be designed accurately. It will help you in gaining the interest of users at these portals. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard. Aim for less than three buttons for social sharing, and house them within one widget. “Stop adding so many social media widgets to your websites,” The more influence your content can gain in the social media world. You are not required to invest much time on increasing followers.

Adorn Your Site with Social Sharing Buttons

Adorn your site with all leading social content sharing websites. This could help in generating traffic on WordPress. You can use social content sharing plugins like Reddit & digg Customers will be able to share your contents within their peer circle. It will make your content viral. So, it will help you in enhancing your content popularity. They don’t draw too much attention to themselves, but they are simple to find. It is a must task to generate traffic on wordpress.

Create a Sharable Content

You should think carefully on this part to get the maximum exposure. Your contents should communicate directly with your customers. Moreover, actionable content can increase traffic on wordpress. It will make you earn a good reputation. After content creation, you should form a perfect strategy for content distribution. An ideally contrived strategy works perfectly in increasing the virtual reputation. You can generate traffic on WordPress site.

Form Content Distribution Strategy

Traffic on wordpress site

With shareable contents, you cannot win the world. You can let your content talk for you. You have to take you as an authority in your business domain. Therefore, you should form a content marketing strategy. This strategy will work for you. You need to analyze your business domain & reaction of your targeted audience. You need to find that where targeted audience roams over the web. For Eg, youngsters can easily be catered through SmartPhone networks. The serious audience wants serious contents available in detailed formats. Therefore, you need to reframe your strategies. It could be focused on targeted customer’s nature.

Be Responsive

You should also be responsive towards your online readers. Proper response is highly necessary. Sometimes, it’s the hardest stuff on your task list. It can turn off online readers to visit again. Which in return decreases your traffic.  Therefore, you should appoint someone to give proper response to your online readers. It will connect your brand directly with your readers, which eventually bring more traffic on website.

After reading these factors, you can easily bring online visitors on your website. You just need to take each step carefully & end up your process at distribution of your contents. Moreover, you should cross check the results against your efforts of bringing customers at your website.

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  1. Raj kumar says:

    Hey Saifi, This is a very nice and awesome post on getting traffic on wordpress sites. This is very important for every website…… Thanks for sharing.

  2. rakesh kumar says:

    Misleading title of this article forced me to check this article. You were telling us how to bring traffic on your wordpress site not how much traffic wordpress sites attracts. Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for sharing elaborated report on how to increase traffic on wordpress sites. I have been following the same on all my tech blogs and again its good to see these again.

  4. Arup Ghosh says:

    After reading the article I figured out my mistakes and now I have to create a new strategy .

  5. Himanshu Rawat says:

    Responsive themes are actually better than a mobile version of website, that is what i feel. Being fast and responsive would increase traffic and ranking on SERP

  6. Elizabeth L Maness says:

    Excellent Post ! I’m trying to get my site moving in the responsive and fast mode! I’m afraid I’m made a pretty ugly mess of it though lol! Thanks for the tips!