10 Awesome Tips to Engage your Audience with Blog Comments

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. Either it is a sole proprietorship, online business, or offline business, customers play a big role because if there will be no customers then who will be purchase the products or services. Therefore, it is important to pay equal attention to the customers like you pay to set up your business. Customer’s views and feedbacks are very important for the improvement of a company. Keep in mind that marketing is not just about promoting your brand but it is about knowing what your customer needs and wants. As we all are aware that nowadays internet is the main source to gain information of any kind, people read content, join blogs to get reviews about a certain product, and to get engaged in a conversation with other participants. The social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more will be the best place to share relevant and valuable content, if you need to know how to keep your customer engaged in the blog. With this approach, you can build a relationship to nurture the stakeholders. Keep in mind that via such social sites, you cannot send the messages but can also receive the feedback for your own good. Hence, to build a relationship, it begins with engaging the audience with your blog/content and for that, we have 10 tips, with the help of which you can get responses from your audience at your blogs without facing any kind of hurdle.

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Tip 1 – Make your Blog Versatile

Have a variety of content. You need to understand that no one wants to read about a person specifically. Thus, include the sources from others to provide something different, as it will keep the audience interested in your blog

Tip 2- Generate Queries on Your Blog to Make People Think

Ask a question. This lets your audience pause and thinks for a moment and they will be eager to reply. Do not just post a video or a picture on your blog, instead, ask a question that starts a conversation, and will get you different comments.

Tip 3- Add all Media Sources on Your Blog

It is better to add an image or video but with the text. Do not only spread information by a plain text, people do not pay attention to the plain text because they like to see visual effects more than reading.

Tip 4 – make your Blog Links Authentic

Tag the author of the source article or any link to make it more authentic. This will inform the author that you are spreading his information as well as the audience that it is an authentic piece of information. This approach will benefit you to expand your network virtually.

Tip 5 – Avoid Fakeness

Show your real identity. As the internet is a big cloud, and it is hard to trust everyone, thus, post something about your personal life once in a while to ensure the audience that you are a human. This will build the trust of your audience and they will like to read the information provided by you via your posts.

Tip 6 – Ask for Opinions

Asking the audience what they think about a specific event or incorporate some comments to attract the readers.

Tip 7 – Ensure the Content Compatibility

Ensure that your videos and pictures are compatible with mobile phones, because people prefer to use their phones more than being on laptops. Thus, it is important that the link can be accessed via mobile devices to provide an ease to the reader.

Tip 8 – Engage your Audience

Engage with others. Reply to each message you receive. When you show your engagement with others, the audience will get attracted and will respond even quicker.

Tip 9 – Prefer Twitter for Better Interaction

Use Twitter because of it the biggest public social networking website. Your Tweets can be ReTweeted by anyone and your network will expand on this website specifically. The following option on twitter is also worthy to use, as you can see the fan following and how many people actually read and respond to your content.

Tip 10 – Keep your Content Short

No one likes to read long paragraphs so make sure that your post is precise and written in an informative manner. This will help others to share and respond quickly.

In nutshell, these awesome 10 tips can help you to keep your audience engaged with your blog comments and you can grow your network easily if you follow them accordingly.

About Sanjib Saha

Sanjib Saha is a 21 year old boy who is very passionate about blogging.


  1. Tip #3 is right on the money. Today, a lot of content is focusing on pictures and video, not just text anymore. It’s important to grow with the marketplace.

  2. Vineet Saxena says:

    Hi Sanjib,
    Text content is loosing its shine as images and videos are emerging fast, Nowadays, video blogging is becoming as popular as traditional blogging and is a great way to engage visitors on your blog.
    Thanks for these awesome tips.