5 Cloud Based iOS & Android Apps Worth Installing

Cloud computing has changed computing.  Storing information at an online server, the cloud apps are clearly the most popular of all apps today.  A steady stream of new apps are constantly hitting the market.  The five most popular ones are listed in the following list.


Cloud storage is quickly becoming a standard because of the benefits that come with online backup.  Rather than carry a device or portable drive, cloud virtually eliminates that need.  Flash drives are frequently lost.  Many are turning to a great cloud-based app, Dropbox.

Instead of worrying about lost files or leaving files behind, put them into the Dropbox and forget it; each file is available anywhere there is a computer and an Internet connection.  The Dropbox instantly links two or more computers, or a user may elect to log into the Dropbox.com website for the files as well.  Files sync on any computer no matter the type of computer.  Dropbox is available on mobiles as well, so adding pictures, video and other is a snap.  Storage of up to one GB is free, although adding additional people get free storage capacities, as will purchasing additional storage.



Amazon.com has taken the cloud service industry by storm, no pun intended.  Of all Amazon.com apps available, NetFlix takes the cake.  As the one of the most popular platforms for entertainment, NetFlix has many people choosing this app over tradition television.  Millions of subscribers have taken to this app for televisions and movies.

The exceptionally low price of the app makes the entertainment value incredibly worthwhile.

As cloud computing continues to grow and evolve, the most valuable data access apps will be the most popular.  These web streaming apps can save time, money and increase productivity for many as well as provide an excellent avenue of entertainment.


Those who want or need to store virtually anything will benefit from OneNote.  Create tabs for virtually any reason: thoughts, pictures, documents, Bigfoot’s Facebook page, etc.  Anyone seeking to centralize information will find OneNote to be the perfect app. Set multiple tabs, separate by subject and enjoy the new app.

Mix Cloud

Those who enjoy mixes of music should definitely give Mix Cloud a look.  A wide range of mixes in various categories are available for any genre of music.  Mix Cloud works as an app with podcast mixes, audio files and any media besides text.  Users do not have to subscribe to other sources either.

Professional and amateur disc jockeys are noting that Mix Cloud is an incredible app.  Mixes from all points of the world are adding their information to Mix Cloud.  The result is an incredibly wonderful collection of eclectic music from all sorts of people.

Kindle Cloud Reader

eBooks have quickly supplanted physical books.  The Kindle is one of the most popular of all of the eBook readers, and the Kindle Cloud Reader app is the choice of millions who use eBooks.  The app has moved beyond the Kindle.  Those who have an iPad or iPod may use this app as well.  Best of all, Amazon.com frequently shares free eBooks with Kindle owners, making the app even more popular with more to come.


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