Top 10 Tips for Printing Great Photos at Home

Printing great photos at home is not impossible. Just take photos from your digital camera or even your mobile phone and then get the photos printed at the comfort of your home seems difficult to many people. Most of the people complain that they don’t get the printing results as they had expected them to be. The reason behind this is that they don’t know how to make the most out of their printers.

Photographs are one of revolutionary outcome of technology and digital photography has changed the phase of the world upside down for sure. We want to get the best printed pictures. People think that they cannot print quality photos at home. Honestly, that’s not true. Even if you don’t have the best photo printer, you can still manage to take out great prints.



Following are the top 10 tips for printing great photos at home:

Choose the right printing size

Printers can print the photo in any size you want but that might affect the quality of the print. You need to have enough pixels of the image file to make the printed photo look great. At least 200 dots per inch are needed for printing out an image of an acceptable quality. If you want an excellent quality print then you will need a photo with at least 300 dpi.

Choose the right paper

The quality of the paper will also influence the quality of your photo image. The modern inkjet printers can print stunning photos but for that you will have to use good quality paper. Plain paper absorbs ink.  This paper will wash out the colors and the overall sharpness of the digital images. It’s best to use the photo paper recommended by the printer manufacturer. Semi glossy and glossy paper can also be chosen for printing the photos.

Choose the manufacturer’s ink

It is better to use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. If you will use the non-brand ink cartridges then it is obvious that you will not get the same results. Printers are not the stand alone gadgets that can work with any kind of fluid you pour in. They can perform at their optimum level if you have ink cartridges filled with the one recommended by the manufacturer.

Maintain your printer

Taking care of your printer matters a lot. If you have an inkjet printer then the nozzles of the printer can clog and the printer of course will not work well. It needs to be cleaned regularly and it’s not just meant for the inkjet printer but all printers. Every once or twice a month, it is better to clean the print head. Do you know that if you will leave your printer unused for weeks then this can make the ink dry and will affect the performance of your printer? Printing at least once a week will not let its performance go down.

Get comfortable with the editing of your printer

There are some printers that just need auto fix feature to make the best quality print outs. But do not rely on this feature solely. If there are more editing options in your printer then you can make the picture quality even better. Try experimenting with the settings and use inexpensive paper to see the results.

Verify the print settings

When the photo is ready to print, check the print settings. Sometimes we get so much lousy prints and we keep on wondering what the problem is. These lousy prints might be the outcome of loopy settings. Loading the paper in the wrong direction can affect your print quality.

Make some adjustments

What you see on the print preview screen will never match what you will get on the paper. It is better that you crop the photo and make some adjustments until you are satisfied with the picture in the print.

Type of printer

Choosing the right type of printer is important too. Get such a printer that can produce great printing images. Not all printers are made equal. High-end and highly expensive printers can make you get the best printing results. But you can even find the affordable printers that can still produce quality results.

Set the workspace

Gather the right equipment for setting up the workspace. Don’t end up with a stack of printed pictures. Get the picture printed and fix it into your picture frame or even a photo album.

Resolution also matters

The greater resolution your image has, the better picture quality will be produced. Do not increase the size of the picture that already has a less resolution. This will ruin the picture quality.

By following these tips, you can improve the results of your pictures. If you need cartridge ink for your printer then you can contact Cartridge Discount.

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  1. Anchit Shethia says:

    Adding to the tip, use light colors. I mean, use a little dark grey instead of pure Black colors. Saves a lot of ink.