Save Time and Money with Video Meetings

The world is changing, and it is so exciting to watch. Today, we can do things in ways that only existed in our imaginations in the past. We can answer questions with our Smartphones, read messages (and not to mention answer phone calls) on our smartwatches, and allow our GPS’s to guide us wherever we need to go. This may just be the most exciting period of history to get to witness. After all, who knows what the next 20 years will bring us in terms of technology?

Video Meetings

This may be most evident in the business world. Due to the increasing technology that is consistently available, businesses have completely changed the way they operate in the last decade. If a business operated today in the same way it would have 25 years ago, chances are that it would not succeed. This is simply due to the fact that businesses must embrace the way of the future if they want to remain relevant in the future.

With the ever-increasing expansion of the internet, a plethora of advances have been made in the area of communication. Whereas businesses did most of their communication over the phone and using emails in the past, this is giving way to a much more effectual means of communication today.

Today, there is a much more secure and successful mode of communication that is able to happen through video meetings.

What Are Video Meetings?

Video meetings allow 2 or more individuals to communicate with each other and also allows each person to see and hear everyone else who is participating in the meeting. And the best part? Individual locations don’t matter. One person can be in Florida and the others can be in Zimbabwe – and they can communicate face to face in real time with each other.

Reasons to Give Video Meetings a Try

Businesses today are finding many reasons to invest in video meetings, and some of the top reasons are summarized below.

Video Meetings Don’t Eat Up Your Travel Budget

We all know how important business trips and business meetings are. After all, this is where some of the best and biggest deals and offers are made in the business world. We also all know how expensive traveling becomes after just a few trips. With the high costs of gas and airfare, it doesn’t take long at all to spend a small fortune in travelling expenses. And, before you know it, your budget for travel might be all spent.

Here’s some good news for you – by utilizing video meetings, you can have the same meeting, with the same people, for none of the cost that you would have if you physically travelled to the meeting. Saving travel expenses alone are a good reason to invest in video meetings.

Of course there are times when you’ll want to physically visit employees or clients, but most everything else can be taken care of through video meetings.

It Gets Your Message Across

Telephones and email are and have been wonderful tools in the business world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any limitations.

It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without the invention of the telephone. And yet, even when you speak to someone on the phone, you can’t see them as you’re talking. You miss out on all of their body language and their facial expressions, and those are each important aspect of communication. Body language might tell you more about how someone’s responding to your message than their actual words convey.

The same problem plagues email users as well. We can read someone’s words, but we can’t hear or see them speaking those words to us. There is a great possibility for miscommunication when only phones and emails are used.

With video meetings, the risk of miscommunication drops significantly. Instead of only being able to hear or read someone’s words, you can actually see and hear everything that is going on. This especially has great benefits when you’re trying to deliver a sales pitch or some other kind of demonstration that would otherwise be impossible to do over the phone or by email. When employees and/or clients can actually see your facial expressions and body language, and can sense your emotions, they are more apt to respond positively to your message. You are also more likely to totally get your message across.

The Best Way to Communicate

The best communication has always happened face to face, and with video meetings that can be a possibility no matter where you are located without having to travel anywhere. It is now easier than ever for businesses to communicate with their employees and partners. Video meetings will save money and allow communication to be quick and effective.

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  1. Akash Arora says:

    Confessing software is the latest in global communication. Its been hot for a while now but has just gone into another gear. Hundreds of companies and products based on conferencing are popping up all over the net. It takes a little getting use to trying to focus on the camera to engage your audiance properly but is way worth it compared to offline meetings. The costs you can save are huge.

  2. Anchit Shethia says:

    Skype better or Google hangout?
    Hangout has a limit of 10 what else?