Mobile Device Management Becoming a Must For Companies

Mobile device management, or MDM, is rapidly changing the way large and small companies do business. The software has any number of benefits that are increasingly relevant in today’s tech-driven world, when hackers are boldly targeting popular brands and putting consumers at risk. MDM is also essential because of today’s reliance on mobile devices, given that businesses rely on mobile technology to buy and sell items, order products and inventory, share information across different devices, and manage financial transactions.

Mobile Device Management

Increased Mobile Security

Each day, it seems like another business gets bad publicity due to security hacks and stolen information, which puts both the company and their consumers at risk. One of the biggest benefits of mobile device technology is the increase of mobile security. You might fear that sharing sensitive information across mobile devices is even less safe than doing so over desktop computers and laptops, but that’s not the case—largely thanks to MDM, in fact.

Specifically, MDM allows you to securely manage all the information on associated mobile devices. The use of a VPN, or virtual private network, makes it both safe and easy to share data over tablets and smartphones without worrying about who is secretly watching or hacking. For those businesses who opt for mobile device management with a cloud, information is only accessible to people with the appropriate permissions.

Lock Down on Lost Devices

There’s still the worry that an employee’s mobile device could get lost or stolen, which will leave all of that sensitive information in the wrong hands. Fortunately, many MDM providers have already considered that. All you need to do is look into a provider that offers the ability to lock down any lost or stolen devices.

In these cases, there are two possible options, beginning with the ability to simply lock a device if it gets misplaced or stolen. In more serious cases, the device will actually erase any sensitive information related to the company. Your employee won’t lose his or her photos or personal files, but company data will disappear.

The Convenience of Remote Management

Remote management is another advantage. For example, as long as an employee has a smartphone, a tablet, or another mobile device with a good data plan, he or she can theoretically work from anywhere. This makes a huge difference for telecommuting, working from home, or checking in at the office while on vacation or a business trip. Imagine the convenience of never having to rush to the office for an important file, or suffering a panic attack because you left something important on your work computer.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Tracking for Employees

Mobile tracking does not involve spying on what employees do on their phones. You can’t necessarily make sure they’re not doing things you don’t want them to do on their mobile devices. You can, however, keep track of them while they’re out and about, all in real-time. As long as your employees connect their mobile devices to the business network, you can see where they are.

What’s the practical purpose of this feature? You can keep up-to-date with people who are off doing company business, and instantly send useful information. If an employee is late to an important meeting, not only can you see their progress, you can also make use of remote management, so the meeting can take place even if everyone’s not physically there.

Improving Overall Productivity

Some employers worry about letting their employees have mobile devices, whether they’re company issued or BYOD—bring your own device. Mobile device management helps erase the worry that employees are updating their Facebooks, tweeting, spending time on LinkedIn, or surreptitiously sending Snapchats on company time. It doesn’t necessarily stop your employees from doing those things, but the trust level implied by allowing mobile devices in the office increases employee morale, which in turn increases productivity. Furthermore, your ability to send and receive files and data in seconds keeps you updated on your employees’ progress.

Mobile device management has benefits associated with apps, group projects, and secure data as well, making it a must-have for any business. Would you consider introducing MDM in your business?

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  1. Prateek Bansal says:

    I have started tracking my employee in my startup. Though this is a startup but still I have to monitor them.