3 Tips to Create Amazing Video Content for Social Media Using Screen Capture

Social media is by nature an extremely visual platform, and it should come as no surprise that video thrives on it. While it is easy enough to create a video using screen capture, creating a video that actually performs well on social media is something else entirely.


When you’re creating video content that is intended for social media it is important that you play by its rules. It doesn’t require a big budget and expensive equipment to create video content that can take social media by storm, but rather it requires a savvy approach.

  • Use your personality

Most people assume that personality isn’t that important when videos are created using screen capture – but that simply isn’t true. Your personality is going to be reflected through the voiceover, choice of background music, and even in the design of the video itself.

Letting your personality shine through in your video is an essential part of making it entertaining and memorable – both of which are traits that will be needed for social media.

  • Keep it short and to the point

No one watches 10 or 15 minute videos on social media – and most people will watch a minute or two at most. As such not only do you want to keep your videos short, but you want to get to the point quickly.

Some social media platforms enforce a limit on the length of videos, in which case you might want to plan it out accordingly. Generally shorter is better though, and if you find that you can’t cover everything then you might want to consider splitting your video and focusing each one on a specific part of the topic you’re covering.

  • First impressions count

The decision on whether or not to click play when someone encounters your video on social media is going to be determined solely by what they see, and how much it interests them. As such you need to make sure that first impression is spot on.

While some of that will be influenced by other areas such as the choice of title and description – you also need to engineer your video so that it has a nice ‘screenshot’ that you can use as the preview.

Of course to pull off all of this you’ll need powerful screen capture software – and Movavi Screen Capture should fit the bill perfectly. Besides containing all the features that you need to create video content for social media, it is also easy to use and requires practically no prior experience.

If you opt to use Movavi Screen Capture, you can apply its features to record high quality and smooth video footage quickly and easily. The software will also let you capture the system audio, or record a voiceover using a microphone.

In order to make the recording process that much more convenient, Movavi Screen Capture has a handy selection of hotkeys. However the feature that will undoubtedly prove the most useful is the timer that will automatically stop the recording so that you don’t need to ‘babysit’ it.

Additionally, with Movavi Screen Capture you’ll be able to use advanced features that could really make the videos that you record stand out. For example you could set up the screen recorder so that key presses appear on screen, and also highlight the mouse cursor and configure a custom ‘click’ sound that is more audible.

All these small touches can go a long way when creating video content for social media. By using Movavi Screen Capture, you can cover all your bases and concentrate on producing a great video.

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