Here’s why you are set to enjoy more benefits with VPS by LibertyVPS

Virtual Private Servers, commonly abbreviated as VPS, is a concept that has gained popularity over the past few years due to the advantages that it offers to its users. Virtualization technologies not only increase the functionality and performance but they are also set to scale higher heights in providing a service that is reliable.

But why would a person or even a business prefer to host their application or a website on a VPS? Well, it makes sense for many users because it is easier to scale up and is reasonably priced. As you will later discover, a company such as Liberty VPS has more to offer for people looking to host their website on a VPS.


VPS as a cost effective solution

Regardless of whether you are a small website owner, or a large business looking to host your application, VPS will ostensibly be the best option for you. Previously, the VPS technology was new in the market. Therefore, it was slightly expensive. Today, however, they are much cheaper, and their prices are set to decrease.

No doubt, all business owners aim to save on costs where necessary. What better way to do so than with a VPS service? It gets even better because it is priced to accommodate people’s pockets alongside giving the users high-quality hosting service. Whereas the cost could at times be similar to other hosting services, or perhaps even lower, VPS offers a more reliable service without the risk and breakdowns associated with other service providers.

Flexible payment options

You can pay for VPS hosting service from a broad range of options starting with Bitcoin, PayPal, OKPAY, Payeer, or even with Perfect money. Of course, paying VPS services using Bitcoin is many people’s preferred option due to the benefits that it has over other conventional means. Besides being the best and among the easiest ways to pay, it is entirely anonymous. Usually, payments are processed by BitPay, and your information is kept private.

Location of servers

If your website contains sensitive information that is susceptible to interference by external parties, then VPS might just be the best option for you. Usually, due to sensitive nature of some applications, they may be interfered with by governments, hackers, and other third parties. With VPS that is hosted in an offshore location, you can be sure that nobody will tamper with your data, website, or application. Case in point, Liberty VPS uses servers that are located somewhere in Netherlands, which are private and are connected to Level 3 and Hurricane Electric Internet uplink providers.

Stability and reliability

You can never go wrong with VPS. In fact, due to its reliability and stability, it has quickly replaced shared hosting which was thought to be the way of future hosting. If you opt for shared hosting and you host your organizations’ application on the same server with a teenager’s website, there are high chances that the teenager could write some code and the system crashes down unexpectedly. With a VPS, your website is safe secure and free from such problems.

If you are concerned about data privacy in your country, then you have to visit to see what you are set to enjoy. Once you have signed up and made the necessary payments, your offshore VPS will be set up, and running within a short time. With that, you are ready to go!

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