Best Tips for Best Mobile Phone Photography

May it be a teenager, an adult or an aged individual, the engaging and mesmerizing effect which photography brings, is hardly found in any other pursuit of the contemporary times. May it be capturing masterpieces with a 5 lacs rupee camera or a 5000-rupee mobile phone, both provide a sense of contentment and calm to the mind and soul which is unparalleled.

Image Credit : TedBlog

Image Credit : TedBlog

Your Mobile Phone Is All You Need

But if you feel award winning photographic shots are only results to professionals with professional equipment, then it’s the ripe time for a reality check. May it be a selfie, a landscape shot of the snow-clad Ladakh or dynamic capture of Kohli’s brilliant catch near the boundary line, all can turn out to be a great treat both for the world’s eyes and the photographer’s heart. Since mobile phones have come to be the most trusted companions of the modern life, it is worth investigating the photographic potential which this 6 inch by 3inch device houses.

With a few, out of the box and innovative tips, anyone, everywhere can unleash the world of photographic opportunities that any place, person or situation presents before us.

Composition Counts

The first aspect to taking great photographs is ensuring a stunning composition. Composition simply involves deciding what elements of a scene to include and what to exclude. Furthermore, it’s about deciding whether to photograph from the top angle, the bottom angle or a shot at the eye level. Just pick up the phone for a shot composition and let your eye and sense of detail do the work.

The Dark and Light World

The next in the line comes the ever-important dimension of color and vibrancy. While one will need to underexpose the photograph to bring out darker and strong colors, a person keen for softness and glow will need to overexpose the settings for a perfect magical shot. Simply go to the exposure compensation sliders of your phone and experience the fascinating world of dark and light colors.

While light happens to be the most important component of photography, using light and making it work for you is something one learns with practice. Keep your subject between the phone and the light source for a perfect silhouette while pressing the shutter button when the light is shining brightly on the subject for a mesmerizing detailed effect.

Easy and Effective

Since a mobile phone camera, unlike the professional camera is small and pocketable, use it potently for candid street photography. While all others will get artificial people reactions as big cameras intrude into their personal space, keep your captures candid and truly genuine by photographing people in the nick of the time when they least expect it.

A World of Filters

The high tech digital world has also blessed the field of photography with several different photography filters. May it be increasing saturation in your photograph, giving a cool tint to the image, making your capture black and white, increasing details or providing for the required gentle blur, the mobile photographer remains replete with a plethora of creative options to pamper their tastes and sense of image creation.

Making The Best of Your Phone

Last but not the least trust your eye, which is the window of creativity, on one hand, and your sheer dedication and passion for photography, on the very other, as you will not need anything more that these two essentials to create the images you will start to love from the very first moment.

So don’t just sit back, make the best of some of the greatest eBay mobile coupons, and bring to life the shutterbug within each one of you and be happy, proud and content narrating stories with the lens of your mobile phone.

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