Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Hurting Your SEO

Internet marketing is a collaborative medium; a broader term with several vital components underneath the umbrella. For a successful online marketing campaign, SEO and content marketing have to move in unison.



Most marketers pay extreme attention to SEO. But most of the time, their content marketing strategies fail to be effective. In simple words, they are not connected. Individually, both strategies may be standing on the strong ground. But there is no collaboration between them. This is the most common mistake made by marketers. Failing at one will harm the overall performance of the campaign. Consult an SEO consultant or connect with a good Bangalore SEO company from India and get the audit done by them. The reason I have mentioned Bangalore here is because you will find many good companies and SEO consultants who would do your website audit for free.

That’s why; today, I am going to explain several reasons, why your content marketing is hurting your SEO? So here they are:

Use of Wrong Keywords

Keywords serve as the basic foundation for SEO techniques. To excel at SEO and online marketing, you need to devise a content based on right keywords. Most importantly, use the right keywords effectively. You must not stuff the content with keywords.

Correct use of right keywords is the key to success. You must pay attention to multiple keywords instead of one main keyword. Search engines analyze your website using Latest Semantic Indexing. Simply, this process analyzes how different keywords on your content are related to other keywords and pages. This way, the search engine will decide the context of your content. So, your content better be informative and relevant to the search queries!

For right keywords, you need to think from SEO perspective. That’s the only way to gather a list of meaningful and long keywords!

Your Business Niche Is Complicated

Sometimes, it is not easy to write about the particular business niche. For instance, you blog post about how to get more Facebook mentions will draw more attention from users. But blog post about kinds of concrete walls won’t be attractive to most users. As they have no idea about it!

When we are talking about business, leads and conversions; we need to create content specifically for targeted audience. Because the audience is looking for that particular product offered by a business. They know what they are looking for!

So, here’s a plan to deal with difficult niche:

  • Spend time on devising content marketing strategies. Don’t lose hope, in every niche people need to read. So, keep trying!
  • Before writing, create a list of content. Post the content on a regular basis and maintain it! In fact, while spending more time on content, you will come up with ideas and questions. Just convert your thoughts into topics! Isn’t the cool idea!
  • Always be attentive towards industry publications. If people are searching for that publication, just write about it!

Unified Content Marketing Strategy Is Mandatory

Content marketing requires a strategy. A unified strategy will keep your efforts coherent to save your time and money. It will allow you to determine things that work to improve. If you are without the unified strategy, you will sabotage your online branding!

In following way, you can prepare a unified content strategy:

  • The research comes first. Find out the things which are working for your top contenders. What are the special ingredients that they are adding in content?
  • Once you have conducted the research, just write down your strategy. Think of it with the straight mind. Proceed with strategy, if you think it will work. Otherwise, drop the idea!
  • Next is defining the key indicators for performance. You must determine why are you creating content? Is it for promotion, audience, branding and other metrics? Is for more leads or conversions?
  • Don’t rely on the same strategy. With time, improvise it to keep up with trends!

Avoid Focusing On Short Tail Keywords Only

A decade ago, a content strategy based on short tail keywords would work. But not anymore!

For instance, if you are selling the car tires, don’t curate the whole content about tires only. Instead, identify the long phrases relevant to your short tail keyword. Don’t confine yourself to tires only. You must search what people are looking for related to tires. For example, best kinds of tires, best tires for bikes, best tires for tractors, how long do tires last?

In simple words, think what do people want to know about tires? What things do they find interesting? How do I provide value for them?

Content without Influence

Before creating content, make sure it is impactful because you are applying all SEO and other marketing techniques to gain more traffic for escalated authority.

How to create influential content?

With the following kit, you can create influential content:

  • People just adore content that teaches something new or brings value to them. It will increase your credibility.
  • Your content should be shareable. If people find it meaningful, they will share it to help more people.
  • It should be simple and precise, yet interesting and valuable!

Guest Posting On Low Authority Sites


Image Source: CyberAlert

In recent months, the marketing influencers have criticized guest posting for a good reason. This is because so many people were following a wrong strategy for guest posting. First, understand that guest posting directly affects your SEO. So, if you have published the post on the low authority site, simple it will hurt your SEO and reputation. We need quality links only! Quantity does not matter!

Final Words

There are hundreds of reasons why content marketing is hurting your SEO. But on the positive note, every issue comes with a definite fix. You just need to identify the issue and fix it!

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