Top 5 Reason Why to Use AVG

If you’ve owned an Android and have taken a look in the Google Play store before, you’ve probably already seen the Free AVG app. This application is currently rated as the best antivirus software for mobile phones and other mobile devices on the market, and thousands upon thousands of people have downloaded it since its initial release in order to keep their phones faster, cleaner and safer. If you have yet to join the numbers, consider these top 5 reasons for using AVG for Android:

  1. It Keeps Viruses at Bay

If your phone’s connected to the web in any way, shape or form, it’s at risk of getting viruses and malware. AVG not only gives you the ability to scan for and remove viruses that are already present in your phone’s files but also allow you to scan web pages before loading in to prevent them from taking hold in the first place.

  1. Keeps Information Secure

You have plenty of personal, sensitive information on your phone. AVG keeps an eye out for breaches of Wi-Fi networks, provides you with a password-encrypted vault and allows you to lock apps to keep this personal data safe from theft.

  1. Helps With Optimization

The free application offers you the opportunity to optimize your battery life and storage to make a quicker, smoother smartphone experience.

  1. Fights Theft

You can’t always stop your phone from being taken, but AVG can help you protect your info and find your device if it happens. You have the ability to wipe your SD card and locate your phone remotely if necessary.

  1. Prevents Snooping

Aside from fighting real criminals, AVG helps you fight the simple problem of snooping by offering you an encrypted vault and a service called Camera Trap, which snaps a picture of anyone who fails to enter the correct password 3 or more times when trying to access your device.

These 5 services set AVG apart from the rest of the free mobile apps out there, and help to ensure your phone is as safe and secure as possible.

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