What do you need to know about 4K Monitors for Gaming

Nowadays, people are ready to pay a lot for their entertainment. And computer games are not the exception. We can observe a boom in the development of various accessories for gamers. The range of devices is not limited only to a variety of keyboards, mice, rugs and headphones. There are also gaming motherboards, memory modules, SSD disks, power supplies, etc. Sometimes such gaming devices have the most advanced features.

Thus, when choosing a set of playing computer games, any gamer pays attention to gaming PC monitors and their specifications, too. They are the monitors which give you an opportunity to be a part of a game, to experience excitement from it. That’s why, everything must be balanced (the resolution of the matrix, the response time, the screen size). Let’s consider the main features of gaming PC monitors.


The time when the average user was happy to buy a 17-inch monitor passed long ago.

Now it’s worth choosing a monitor with more than 20 inches. In such a way, 24-27 inches is usually enough for playing computer games. But if you want a kind of exotic, then a 30-inch monitor diagonal and more will please you for sure.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

This is the second indicator of the screen size that is responsible for the number of pixels in the image. The main principle is more is better. But remember about the full dependence of the level of performance on the resolution.

The main aspect ratio is 16:9. This is a classic “rectangular” format, familiar to every modern user, perhaps the most relevant and popular of all those which are on the market today. In addition to convenient gaming, it’s also possible to watch movies without black stripes along the screen borders.

As for the resolution, everything is much easier:

HD – 1366×768 pixels – will not require a lot of PC operation, but the full potential of modern graphics will not be revealed.

Full HD – 1920×1080 pixels – has a high requirement for the PC.

Ultra HD or 4k-2560×1440 \ 3840×2160 pixels – is the youngest standard of the given above. This standard is no longer a luxury, but it remains a representative of the premium segment. A number of top games have already given you the opportunity to enjoy a game in 4k.

On the whole, the resolution is a matter of taste. When choosing it, you need to take the diagonal of the screen into account. For example, the most common now Full HD will have a poor quality on a 27-inch monitor. But this fact is ok to someone.

Refresh Rate

144 Hz or 60 Hz? If you have an opportunity to get a monitor with a higher refresh rate, then you must take the advantage of it. After playing for some time, you will refuse to play using the display with a standard refresh rate. The reason is very simple: in dynamic games and movies, the change of frames becomes very smooth that is much more pleasant to an eye.


The main parameters of the monitor depend on the type of matrix. They are the following:

– Color rendering level

Every year the graphics become more realistic, that means that the number of colors and shades increases.

– Response time

The time when the point of the image changes in brightness is usually 2-5 ms.

– Contrast

It’s the ratio of the brightness of the lightest screen point to the darkest one.

– Viewing Angle

The minimum distance at which various “artifacts” on the screen become noticeable.

Video Connectors

Never forget that the quality of the image depends not only on the matrix but also on the video connector. So, its presence makes it possible to connect either a laptop or a TV-set.

There are the following video connectors in monitors:


It’s an analog connector that allows you to connect the monitor to any device. However, “analogy” influences the quality of the picture.


The digital connector that is in all modern models. When connected, it will provide you with the best picture quality.


This digital connector allows you to connect modern audio and video equipment, as well as laptops to image output devices. The main advantage is the transmission of an audio track via a single cable with a video stream.

– DisplayPort

This digital connector provides great opportunities for sound transmission. It is expensive and rare.

– AV, SCART, S-Video

These analog connectors are typical for TV monitors with built-in TV tuners. In addition, they allow connecting outdated audio and video equipment like cassette players.

In conclusion, no matter which way you look at it, gaming PC monitors are surely great for your investment to satisfy your gaming passion.

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