Top Five Tips for Successfully Managing Emails

Given how many emails are sent and received each day, it’s only natural that we would need some way to sort and organize inboxes to keep everything under control. Email has become a major part of daily life for so many people that I thought it would be good to look at ways to manage emails and make everything more useful.

  1. Have Your Own Domain Email Address

When the time comes to impress someone with an email, such as when asking advice or suggesting meetings, then it doesn’t get much more impressive than your own domain email address. This means having an email address that ends in rather than a generic Gmail or Hotmail email address.

Having a domain email address shows off your professionalism and gives your email an instant layer of context. If your domain email included the name of an app, for example, then the recipient would be right to assume that it had something to do with that app.

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  1. Have a Throwaway Email

I get that you need to subscribe to newsletters at times, but if you do then you need to use a throwaway email you keep separate from your regular email account. This keeps your address safe from newsletters and keeps your regular inbox free of mess and clutter.

This stops spam from building up in the “real inbox”, which is great considering how many emails received are spam.

  1. Offer People a Way out to Incentivise Them to Say Yes

If you were to ask someone for something, it’s best to give them a way out. Showing your recipient that you understand how busy they are, and giving them a chance to go along with you or not, will help you get the best response.

This persuasion technique is not only the best one a marketer can use, but it’s also one that is backed up by psychology. There’s no need for a specific set of words, as long as the person is given a clear understanding they are the one making the choice. There’s been a lot of studies done on this persuasion technique, and it’s effective for just about anything; whether asking someone to give something to charity, or answer a survey.

  1. Make your Intentions Clear, to Improve your Chances of Getting a Response

If you are clear from the outset and upfront about the reason you’re sending the email, then it establishes trust with the recipient. Trust is, of course, the foundation of every positive relationship. Making this call to action bold is a way to make it even more effective. If you were to ask bloggers for some of their best pieces of advice, then start the email by asking them if they could send even just one blogging tip.

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  1. Make the Recipient Feel Important

It’s not that difficult to find out some personal details about the recipient of your email, but it’s something that too many people take for granted. Take a look at the about page of the recipient to see if you have something in common, or you could find it in their work. Look through their blog and any books they’ve released to find out more about them. Knowing this information gives the email a personal feel and makes it more conversational which, as a result, makes you more likable. Of course, this is something that’s much easier if you’re emailing someone you already know, but it’s still possible to someone you don’t.

There are lots of great, simple, ways you can email more effectively; whether it comes to sending emails or managing your own.

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