How the Best Email Signature Should Look

The ending of each email provides an information about a sender. This type of data is called email signature. This signature lets a recipient learn more about you or your business. It is especially appreciated by the marketers and salespeople because it is one of the ways to stand out in the flood of electronic letters.

If statistics do not lie, 38 emails are sent daily by a regular employee. The recipients include leads, customers, investors or partners. So, a bulk of emails at an annual rate is enormous. And now, think about the fact that all these emails fitted with proper email signatures are capable of attracting more traffic to your website, or to allure more leads to your product. On the one hand, an email signature is an online business card, on the other hand, it is a powerful marketing tool, which definitely deserves a particular attitude.

The following advice will help you raise your email signature on the higher level to achieve your business goals.

Design a proper email signature

Do not use more than 7 lines of your professional email signature. These lines should contain contact details, icons of social profiles and advertising message. An important thing to consider is to develop a proper layout of your signature. It should be in line with your area of activities. Make it creative but keep out of overdoing.

The color of contact details should be the same as of the body text of an email. If you want to use several colors, do it with links. It is also advised not to experiment with types and sizes of font. Strict compliance with the standard fonts shows your professional attitude.

Links to Your Blogs or Websites

Make sure that an email signature of every electronic letter you send contains a link to your website or website of your company. If a recipient is interested in your offer, he or she will want to get more information about it. For this reason, you should provide your lead with easy access to the content of your website. The best way to do it is to attach a link to your email signature. It does not matter what kind of link you choose – image link or text link. A link will look more appealing if it is underlined and colored.

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Social profiles

If you are a regular user of social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or others, attach links to your social profiles in your email signature. This advice is mostly related to professional activities. It means that if you use social networks only for personal communication, it is better not to share them for business relationships.

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Upcoming Events or Recent Content

It is a good idea to demonstrate your professionalism or skills if you are invited to some significant event as a lecturer or speaker. Add a banner with the information about the event and your participation to grasp the recipients’ attention. It is recommended to attach a link to this event and describe some details. Locate this banner under the main information of your email signature.

The same thing relates to your recent works or publications. A link to your book or article in a significant publication will be a benefit to your signature.

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