How to Fix Your WiFi for the Holidays

The holidays have come, and you are going to welcome a lot of guests to share pleasant memories, warmth and of course, your internet too. It is quite obvious that people are going to use your internet and it will be great if your wifi works well for the multiple devices across the entire home. So, if you are facing a lot of WiFi connectivity issues along with slow speed, frequent dead spots and regular disruptions in the connection, then it’s high time to fix all the WiFi issues. Thus, you need to look up to certain factors that call for having the complete solutions to your WiFi connectivity concerns and make you an ideal host welcoming the many guests with good internet connectivity.

How to Fix Your Wi-Fi for the Holidays

As the holiday season brings the numerous opportunities to meet your family and friends, so getting your WiFi ready for the use of the different devices would have become your priority. So, this calls for having a check at the explicit solutions to fix up your WiFi speed and connectivity. So, let’s have a close look at the precise methods to fix the WiFi for the holidays and maximizing the benefits of the internet to all the users.

Upgrade your Router and Modem

If you are using the router and modem for a fairly long time, then it won’t support the modern network standards of 802.11ac. Moreover, if your ISP has provided the router and modem, then it may be possible that you face a constant struggle with the connectivity, then upgrading to the latest router and modem combination or a router alone can fix up the WiFi concerns. In this way, the speed and connectivity issues are resolved easily and many people can simultaneously use the internet across different devices without any hassle.

Keep the Router Centrally Positioned in Your Home

It is often observed that people keep the routers inadvertently in a location that is not centrally placed and thus, encouraging the concerns of connectivity, speed, and even dead spots. In such a scenario, it is relevant to place your router in a central location away from the hassles of multiple wires and precisely five feet above the ground to offer the uninterrupted WiFi connectivity. In this way, multiple devices can use the WiFi without interrupting network concerns.

Using the Dual Band Frequency

If you are currently using the single band frequency with 2.5 GHz then it is apparent that your WiFi is going to be congested with traffic, signal problem and connectivity issues with multiple devices. But in the holiday season, it is advisable that you opt to have the dual band frequency offering the benefit of 2.5GHz for devices requiring low bandwidth. And, the 5GHz frequency can be utilized in devices needing higher bandwidth with less traffic and better speed. In this way, the household gadgets like microwaves, electronic lights, tablets can rely on 2.5GHz while the Smartphone, laptops can connect to 5GHz for better connectivity and speed. Moreover, your guests can connect to 5GHz for high speed and lag-free connectivity.

Check Out Your Internet Plan

Your internet plan is undoubtedly one of the key factors that affect the speed and connectivity of internet at your home. It may be possible that your internet plan provides for the speed of 100Mbps, but your router and modem is not upgraded to 802.11ac network standards. Then you are not going to reap the benefits of high speed and the optimal resolution of this concern is to upgrade your router and modem supporting 802.11n wireless standard to 802.11ac.

In this way, you can have the benefit of enjoying the high-speed internet connectivity without any lackadaisical approach. As the modem and routers have the usual lifespan of two to three years, so, it is always better to upgrade them according to the advanced network standards to ensure hassle free internet services. Moreover, it would make you optimize your holidays as you are going to enjoy its high-end performance with amazing speed and connectivity concerns.


On a whole, it can be stated that the methods of fixing your WiFi for the holidays invariably show the key points that would help any internet user across the world to optimize its performance and speed. Thus, if you are going to have holidays and still facing the WiFi concerns, then just follow the above-mentioned steps to overcome the internet connectivity and speed issues. In this way, you can enjoy your holidays and definitely provide the lag-free connectivity and speed to your guests as well to create memorable moments and great fun times together.

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