Motivate Your Child to Learn with Educational Apps

In this 4G world, kids love to play games, doing art and crafts, watching television etc. We have observed throughout these decades that children want themselves to be indulged into everything and showing interest at other tasks except studying and learning. They are not showing any interest and an active participation when they are studying. So we should pay attention to this aspect, that is why children’s are getting bored while studying? Why are children showing a lack of interest when they are asked to sit for an hour and study? A list of questions continues are raising in every parent…

To get an answer for all these questions Firstly we have to understand and question yourself that at what generation they are in right now. Then you’ll get an answer that books are the great source for gaining knowledge but in this digital world, current generations are showing their interest in computer, laptops, tabs etc. We have developed so much in the digital field with this new technology we can easily convert any boring topic into an interesting video. Which will not only enhance our visualization but also it can connect to our senses for better understanding and retention power. So, that every student can show their special interest in learning and easily grasp everything.

Educational applications are now encouraging children to learn more, crave for exploring new things related to study, engage them for a longer period of time than before.Hence we can consider that educational applications have become a better option than books for learning.

Here are few benefits to introducing Educational apps to your children for better learning:

  1. Motivation: Student’s progress can be tracked instantly using various applications. What fun is running a marathon if you don’t know how long it takes. Instantly runners can get feedback from hundreds of data points in their current situations. This feedback provides instant motivation to improve the performance of a student. And also students get motivated and improve their performance by using technology. Just as they do at home on their gaming consoles. Trying to achieve high scores at home and they will try to achieve high scores in math use the same psychology. Means they tune their brain to defeat with their competitor.
  1. Future: The world is heading towards technology at a rapid pace. Now it’s the time for educators to take responsibility to encourage, introduce and help students with this master technology, as well as subjects, as it implements to school for a bright future. In the long run, current students will use technology in every aspect of their lives. Technology will be used in each and every phase of their life whether to set career path or for their higher education. Why not encourage them to use it daily for learning?
  1. Assessments: Using technology we can assess student’s performance instantly. Students can understand subjects with the help of real time examples on tablets, smart classes etc. They can easily solve their problems and sort out the answer just after understanding the subject. They can input their answers and can get instant feedback on every question. By this, they can assist themselves and correct them easily before going to the exam.Now covering all topics in the Ncert Books will be an easy task.
  1. Entertainment: According to studies, mobile apps will promote entertainment. The face of education has completely changed as lessons are now transformed to games. So that children can show their interest in learning. Level based applications induce determination to pass each level. There is no doubt that applications enhance education. So there will be no more boring homework and difficult lengthy topics.
  1. Availability: Application Learning is not time-bound learning, it is relaxed learning. Children can easily learn anything anywhere at any time. Applications are designed with a child-friendly control. This allows them to operate the application on their own. If a given topic is not understood by the students, A video lectures by their teachers can store in the device with a single click that topic can be watched several times until the student understand.

It is observed that learning with the educational application has become a trend. Learning will be now more fun. Subscribe to Byju’s YouTube video channel to learn with engaging video lectures-

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