Tech Companies for Investors in 2017

Technology is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any country’s economy. Technology has brought about the emergence of companies that have led to an improvement of most country economies. As a result of technology advances, there has been a rising number of startup technology companies all over the world; because of the way people are embracing the emergence of technology, most investors have seen it as a better venture to invest their money in technology companies which are making billions. Here are some of the technology companies that are doing well in the market, and some have managed to be captured in the online trading scene – a fact that CMC Markets has captured exhaustively on their site.

Tech Companies for Investors in 2017

Robin Hood Company

Robin Hood Company is a company that should be on every investor’s watch list this year. This company has a lot of potential in the market. The company created an application called the Robin Hood; this application enables the public to buy and sell public stocks from the comfort of their phones and hence this has led to stock trading being mobile.

The other advantage of this application is that it will help reduce the expensive fees that are charged by companies so that they can facilitate trading. The Robin Hood Company has a funding of sixty-six million making it a safe investment to make and one that will be profitable as the product they are offering will attract a lot of customers.

Laurel and Wolf Company

Laurel and Wolf have become widely known online. With a funding of twenty-five million dollars, the Laurel and Wolf Company has been connecting customers who are in need of experienced interior designers hence making it quite easy for customers to be able to access affordable services. In this company, customers are guaranteed high-quality services. This is a company worth watching this year as it will break banks for its investors as it will make a fortune for them.


The other tech company to watch is Gametime which has a funding of thirty-three point three million dollars. They came up with an application that enables their customers to get last minute tickets for sports and entertainment events which they can be able to share with their family and friends through messages or taking a picture. This is convenient for most people who enjoy events like sports or entertainment hence they do not have to miss the game or event. Through this application, Gametime has been able to reach gross sales of fifty million dollars.


This company makes drones that are used to transport very crucial commodities, for example, medicinal provisions like vaccines to places where infrastructure is not perfect. With a funding of eighty-five million dollars, Zipline Company has gone on to be the first company to commercialize the use of drones.


Discord was founded in May 2015 and has grown to an astonishing twenty-five million registered members. It was formed so as to help gamers to be able to easily communicate with other people, so they provided gamers with voice and text chats for them to communicate with friends. This is a company that will only grow.


With a funding of forty-seven point five million dollars, it acts as an online market where people can be able to buy cheap and high-quality goods which make it convenient and also time-saving. In the current world, customers are in love with the convenience of e-commerce which companies like Hollar provide and this has helped the company to grow its gross sales by a great number.

The Light Company

The Light Company with a funding of sixty-four point seven million dollars came up with a better camera for smartphones that has sixteen different lenses. This camera gives more clear pictures and a better resolution. In the world we are living now, a Smartphone is not a Smartphone without a good camera. This means that most Smartphone companies will be out to get cameras with good resolution for their phones hence this is a venture that would really make a fortune for investors.

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