5 Reasons why Microsoft Office is Essential

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used computer applications across several institutions around the world including businesses, universities, research centers, and more. Even with the emergence of similar programs from competing developers such as Apple, Microsoft Office continues to dominate the computers in terms of the number subscriptions. To date, the application suite has been installed in more than 1 billion computers and devices of various operating systems.

Three of the most commonly used applications in the Microsoft Office suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Word is commonly used for all types of text documents. It also includes templates that are designed for various purposes. Excel is an all-around spreadsheet program that is commonly used to store and process data. PowerPoint is another convenient tool that you may use to create customizable presentations and slides. Microsoft Office also features other versatile and highly-functional programs including Access, Outlook, Front Page, Publisher, and Visio.

To know more about why Microsoft Office remains to be the perfect companion for your work, educational, or personal use, here are the top 5 reasons Microsoft Office is essential. Visit the best Microsoft Office 2016 download store and get the most out of the exciting deals now.

  1. It combines simplicity and productivity.

Having a user-friendly interface and various help tools makes Microsoft Office suite one of the easiest computer application packages to master and to teach to other people. It also helps maximize the productivity of a business by providing the right tools in computing data and generating results fast and with accuracy. Comprehensive financial reports, for example, was once only done by professional accountants; but now, even ordinary individuals can learn the basics of Excel and create reports on their own.

  1. It is widely used across different industries.

Microsoft Office is perhaps the “universal software” used by millions of industries around the globe. When making transactions and exchanging data, it is a necessity between two companies to have programs that can read, format, and store the same types of files. Microsoft Office is an industry standard when it comes to handling a wide range of file types.

  1. Learning Microsoft Office is an important skill.

Microsoft Office proficiency is one of the top skills sought after by a lot of companies. More often than not, having a mastery of Microsoft Office can provide that crucial edge that can either help you land a job or get a promotion.

  1. It helps with organization and communication.

Communication and collaboration are some of the most important elements of success in businesses. With Microsoft Office applications, you can easily contact and collaborate on projects with your colleagues. These applications can also help you manage your e-mails, contacts, and calendar in a convenient place. Additionally, mobile versions of Microsoft Office tools can help you track your team’s progress anytime and anywhere.

  1. Small and medium-sized businesses rely on it.

Owners of small businesses who are not yet capable of funding the development of customized computer software make use of Microsoft Office as one of their primary business tools. It has been very useful for their daily operations which include managing schedules, accounting, marketing, bookkeeping, and more.

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