7 Best Social Media Jobs from Home

The perception of social media in past few years has changed dramatically. People have started looking at it through a new lens which has enabled a business viewpoint of social media.

It’s amazing how today, the time we spend on social media, could be utilized to get a job or run a business.

“People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want.” – These words of Don Crowther will surely help you to keep yourself to ground and do put all your efforts even if you’re working from home.

Social media has radically transformed the synergy between business and the public at large. With this, it has made a number of opportunities for people to discover creativity and give a business motive to it.

Most of the people in this industry typically earn from $11 to $21 hourly or $30K to $55K per annum. Owing to the fact, it changes with experience and the company.

Following are a few job profiles which you would interest you to work from home.

1.    Social Media Coordinator

It’s one of the key job profiles in the social media industry.  If you think you have the skills to make contacts and incorporate them wisely with the social media trends, this job is surely for you.

As a Social media coordinator, one has to create original and unique content for the social media page. Also, suggest creative ideas through which the page would get more attraction and become popular in customers.


  • Learning target audience preferences and explore current trends
  • Designing posts to increase the readership and make sure the page creates a buzz
  • Getting done engaging posts, image, and video content

2.    Social Media Manager

This job requires the manager to be creatively active on social media and show a presence of mind. He will manage the company’s social media marketing and advertising.

Not just on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but also other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest and other, depending on the company’s niche.


  • He administers and evaluates the content on the social media pages and improvises it guiding the content writers
  • He or she also manages the content through social advertising.
  • He schedules regular publishing posts using different tools
  • He executes social media posts plans by creating content calendar and makes timely marketing operations

3.    Social Media Content Developer

If you think you can put your thoughts well in writing then Social Media Content writing will surely help you to turn your words into a pretty penny. Also, you can do this as a part-time job.

Nowadays, many a people who are good at writing engage themselves in social media content developing.


  • Writing blogs for a company’s social media page, copywriting for their every-day posts.
  • Page description and other product description.
  • Deciding social media strategy and creating content for the same
  • smart usage of hashtags

4.    Social Video Editor

Video editing skills can do a lot of magic on social media. Especially when targeting the youth! Nowadays, every business enterprise tries to reach its audience through trends and social media memes are one of them.


  • Create embeddable web videos for external
  • Develop, manage and monitor social media programs, including identifying and pursuing external social media opportunities.
  • Creating Memes and going along with other media trends

5.    Search Engine Evaluator

This job profile goes a bit technical but if you comprehend the technique properly, Search Engine Evaluator jobs are an astounding way to earn money online.

A search engine evaluator usually operates the tasks with a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, etc. to test and evaluate its search algorithm.


  • A search engine optimize performs a search query on the given keyword
  • Makes sure the search results of that keyword that come up with company’s article getting at the top
  • Also, the evaluators analyze the quality and status of its ad, image on the posts of social media accounts of a company.

6.    Social Media Specialist

If you have the skills to investigate and analyze a company’s social media page or any commercial page for that matter, social media specialist post would be perfect for you! You eventually help for the brand building of a commercial social media page.


  • Learn social media posts and trends and incorporate on the company’s social media page
  • Monitoring the Facebook page and its engagement, conversations, comments etc.
  • Suggesting changes to improve the page and get more likes, subscription, and followers.

7.    Social Media Community Manager

Many a time, commercial social media pages arrange social media engagement manager to increase the number of likes, followers, and subscribers.

This is the easiest way of making money on the work-from-home basis. If you spend most of your time socializing with people online, you are the perfect candidate to become a social media community manager.


  • Answering questions join discussions and offering solutions online.
  • Increasing the number of likes, subscribers, followers through your contacts and skills
  • Every communication should aim at the brand building of the page and improve the user experience

You can make a great income from all these social media jobs. Not everyone can start these work from home jobs because you need some basic skills of social media marketing.

There are Working from home increases productivity. Furthermore, it is environment-friendly. We cannot deny the fact that we lack behind in giving time to our families.

Whenever you’ll feel like giving up, remember the wise words of Leah LaBelle, ”Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight”.

You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.”

Social media has evolved not as a platform to showcase your personal profile but also as a business profile!

The opportunities created by these social media platforms now have made social media a different industry altogether. It surely shapes your career if you utilize it in a way which would make the most of it.

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