5 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page and Generate Leads for Your Email List

Whether you’re looking to make more sales, connect with a larger audience, or get your brand name out in the world, a truly invaluable method is to set up an email list that is interested in you and will look forward to reading your emails.

If you’re looking for ways to either create an email list from scratch or grow your current list, here are 5 tips for you to reel in more email addresses from your landing page.

Once your list is built, make sure you’re using GMass for mass mail merge email campaigns. GMass makes it easy to communicate with everyone at once on a personal level by using mail merge and syncing directly with your Gmail.

1. Use One Clear and Powerful Call to Action

Landing pages are designed for one specific action and nothing else. When you give your audience one option and it’s to give you their email address, the chances of them doing so will increase.

The call to action needs to be clear, visible, and remind the user why they are taking the action. Instead of saying “sign up now”, say something like “download your free ebook” on the button that they are going to click on.

Make sure to use contrasting colors as well to make it stand out, and don’t be afraid to reiterate your call to action so the user knows exactly what to do. A lot of times people feel repeating the CTA too many times can seem annoying or redundant, but if you’re offering value in your CTA, repetition will only help you convert.

Bills.com uses bright red contrast, the message is clear, and there’s nothing else to click on to distract you

2. Capture Attention with Compelling Headlines and Images

In the digital world we live in, everyone is constantly bombarded with information, social media news feeds, and so much content that we have no idea how to handle it. As a result, people’s attention spans and abilities to really focus on one article without getting distracted has gone down.

This is why you must use provocative, clear, and compelling headlines so people will want to actually take the time to read the offer on your landing page. Using bright and beautiful images or GIF videos is a great way to grab attention and create curiosity because it is a lot easier for someone to process an image without as much thinking compared to focused reading.

Basecamp does a great job of using a fun and intriguing image and tying it together with the headline to create curiosity.

3. Hit Your Audience’s Pain Points

People are more easily motivated by fear than by rewards. Even if people are motivated to work for the “reward” of money, they do it because they know without money, they cannot survive. This is part of our human evolution because our ancestors needed to constantly be aware of predators and bad events in order to survive.

This is why talking about your customer’s pain and how you are going eliminate it is more effective than talking about benefits that are awesome, but they don’t necessarily need.

So what is it about your offer that’s relieving pain for your customers? What problem are you solving? Try this perspective out on your landing page and see how it works for you.

4. Offer Value

To be fair, most people are only willing to give you their email if they know that you are going to give them something for free, even if they are sold on your business or product. It seems like the standard for creating sales funnels, because if you don’t give your customer a taste of the product, then one of your competitors out there will.

Turn your product’s features into benefits so visitors know exactly how you will help them. For example, instead of saying a car has heated seats, explain to the customer that the heated seats can relieve stress or help with back problems, depending on who the customer is. The best way to shift from feature to benefit is to think about why they would want the feature.

5. Showcase Trustworthy Testimonials

When you want to purchase something on Amazon, or when you want to know what movie to watch, where do you look to help you make the decision? The reviews.

It makes it a lot easier for people knowing that other normal consumers like themselves have tried the product and really liked it. It gives your audience a sense of security and trustworthiness with your brand and product.

Don’t go overboard with too many testimonials, because it will come across as desperate and needy. One or two solid testimonials from a happy customer or a popular influencer will make all the difference on your landing page.

Landing Pages Are Your Friend

Don’t be intimidated by having a landing page for your business. A lot of people feel that they are trying to be too pushy and are forcing sales with a landing page. These people are wrong.

Sales in the digital world is a long-term strategy. The landing page can be simply designed to capture emails and nothing else, making it a very effective lead generator for the top of your funnel. Don’t think that you have to make a landing page designed for customers to give you their credit card information.

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