How Security Doors and Surveillance Systems Keep Businesses Safe

Being a business owner comes with multi-dimensional responsibilities. Aside from attending to a host of day-to-day duties, you also have to ensure that your business stays competitive and relevant in an ever-growing market, develop strategies and make choices to maintain financial stability and healthy relationships with clients, and make your employees feel empowered, happy, and safe.

Fortunately, technology is on every business owner’s disposal, especially when it comes to helping you perform the last of the aforementioned responsibilities: ensuring worker safety. Gone were the days of office door locks that can be picked with a unbent hairpin or opened by a duplicate physical key. Today, there are smart door locks, digital safes, security doors, and surveillance systems that keep businesses safe.

Personnel Safety

Security doors play a huge role in keeping your personnel safe. Among its most important uses is “filtering” who can enter your place of business. Employees could be issued security badges and passwords, and enrolled in a biometrics system, among other options, to ensure that only authorized persons can enter the premises. Guests, even high-profile ones, will have to go through a separate process of getting a security badge. You can even opt to restrict access within internal departments for even heightened security and safety. For example, only members of the IT team will be allowed to enter the server room.

Modern security doors also incorporate electronic or electromechanical locks, eliminating the need for bitted keys that can be easily copied. Micro brushless motors for security doors are used in electromechanical locks, a great alternative to conventional doors that employ “electrical strike” release mechanisms. Time-delay features and multi-credential access settings further enhance these security features.

Electromechanical locks can also be programmed to send alerts if a breach is detected. Additionally, modern security doors and locks often come with complementary software and management tools that can instantly allow or deny access, download a database of all who accessed or used their credentials and alter security protocols on the fly, among others

Preventing Theft and Other Illegal Activities

Confidential documents, product prototypes, proprietary software, and other valuables can be kept safe with the use of security doors, surveillance cameras, or a combination of both. For an additional level of security, you can even require personnel to first seek permission from top-level management and request for a temporary security pass should they need to access these files or items, both upon entry and exit.

Security doors that require multiple credentials can also help protect warehouses and factories from being broken into. Individual retail establishments, such as boutiques and convenience stores, can also use surveillance cameras to monitor their shops to prevent theft, both of their stocks and their earnings. Should an untoward incident actually happen, the recorded footage becomes a valuable asset that can be used by law enforcement, enabling them to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

Environment Surveillance

Apart from ensuring safety within an office or building, surveillance cameras can also improve security in the immediate vicinity of your place of work. They can help discourage thieves, stalkers, and other criminals from pursuing their evil intentions, and even help in the quick resolution of cases that happened at or near your place of business.

What’s more, if building managers can agree to install surveillance cameras in strategic locations in and around their properties, they can improve not only the security in their buildings for their tenants but the entire neighborhood as well.

Combined with best practices in digital safety, security doors, and surveillance cameras can help make employees feel safe and cared for by any company management. Personnel who feel valued by their employers are more motivated and are thus more likely to work harder toward achieving success for the business.

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