Tips for excellent web marketing using SEO

A Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of getting a site recognized, found, and favored in search results. It is vital to the success of a website or blog. Regardless of what site you’re talking about, SEO comes into play. In fact, the entire process of what is known as web marketing, or at least a large part of it, is essentially search engine optimization. The traffic that comes from search engine optimization is invaluable to the business of any commercial or even social website. The following are some tips regarding good web marketing search engine optimization. We’ll use as our example of WordPress blogs since that is the primary focus of these papers:

Focused Topic

Your blog needs to have a focused, clear topic for best search engine optimization results. If a search engine (or user for that matter) doesn’t really know what a blog is about, it will tend not to rank it highly, even if various keywords are used in a specific blog post. Among other things, search engines look for the coherence of topic. For instance, if it finds the same or related keyword in the blog’s title as in the posts, it may rank that site as being more relevant than others. There’s really nothing wrong with having a blog that covers many different topics but tries to incorporate topic focus in one way or another into your blog.

Header Tags

Some WordPress skins or themes don’t use header tags correctly. The ordinary codes for these tags are the well known, etc. syntax. The blog’s title will be using this syntax. The problem comes with the fact that some theme templates include sidebar code in these tags. In other words, it puts words like “archives,” “categories,” “meta,” and so forth into header tags also. This can confuse search engines. They will include these tags with their assessment of the content of the blog when in fact they are irrelevant to it. The solution is to work with the code yourself and fix it. Alternatively, you can select another theme that does not use code this way.


Pinging is essentially a message that site sends to search engines as soon as new content is added. This allows the search engine to visit the site (i.e. your WordPress blog) and reassess it from an SEO standpoint. WordPress pings a site called Ping-o-Matic, which then sends pings to other websites in a kind of domino process. So there is a built-in ping feature for these blogs. You can also add further pinging services by going to your admin panel and accessing the options>writing menu. Here you can set up more powerful pinging, for instance, pinging that alerts Google’s blog searching platform.

There are much more SEO tips you can use, but even these three simple ones will give your site some greater SEO clout. Remember, web marketing search engine optimization is well understood at this point, so make use of the many techniques to give your blog or site that search engine edge.

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