How Does Fire-Resistant Fabric Work?

Fire and electric flames are major safety risks in industrial work such as welding and foundry works. The quality of protective clothing plays a major role in protecting your body from any injury. Here are the major qualities of reliable, protective, fire-resistant clothing you can buy from your nearest FR outlet.

How fire-resistant clothing is made

Fire-resistant protective clothing is made from fabric that is treated with special methods to make them resistant to fire. You can learn more about the process in detail on Moreover, the fabric is produced with special weaving techniques that minimize the amount of air trapped within the fibers which give less room for any spark to ignite and hold on to the fabric. Clothing made from such fabric is usually called flame resistant, or FR for short.

Benefits and precautions of fire-resistant clothing

The most obvious benefit of FR clothing is protection against fire. As shown in the infographic:

  • FR clothing is ideal for technicians who work regularly in hazardous environments where exposure to high temperatures, sparks, and other injuries is a common occurrence.
  • People who operate with large electrical equipment that can produce sparks should also wear FR clothing to ensure their safety.
  • FR clothing offers particular safety against electric arcs that can create sudden ignition and endanger your safety.
  • Furthermore, if you operate in an environment where you are surrounded by combustible materials such as combustible chemicals used in paint, paper, and food processing factories, FR clothing can protect you in the event of combustible explosions.

There are other benefits of investing in good quality FR outlet clothing. In addition, because of the special strength of the fabric, the clothes are tougher and last longer without getting damaged by high temperatures or rough use.

However, there is a need to take proper care of these clothes. They need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to retain their flame resistant properties.

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