Top 5 Budget Friendly and Powerful VR Headsets for iPhone

As you already know, the iPhone is a powerful gadget with stunning design and loads of functionalities. In fact, it’s so good that any of its faults is a major news. It’s great layout and simplicity is making your life better through technology. How about combining its gigantic properties with virtual reality that provide a fascinating way into the immersive world using nothing but a headset and motion tracking?

Using virtual reality headsets, you get to look at the space as if you’re actually there! These headsets come with lenses where you can place your smartphone. The lenses separate your iPhone’s screen into two images, thus turning your phone into a device that supports virtual reality. Also, since your phone does all the processing, you don’t require any wires to connect to the headset.

Although, there isn’t an Apple virtual reality headset in the market as yet, there are some low-cost headsets that are already compatible with your iPhone. Look out for a special bonus at the end.

Google Cardboard

The iPhone compatible Cardboard kit is the cheapest of all virtual reality headsets – just under $10! The compact and foldable Cardboard from Google is the most affordable and easiest way to jump into the virtual reality. Some of these also come with a strap and near-field communication, thus making it more powerful at the price.

Whether you fold your own or get one from a certified seller, you’re just a step away from experiencing the immersive technology of virtual reality on your smartphone.

Price: Under $10

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

As is with most mobile virtual reality headsets, the idea is to simply amplify the experience of holding the lenses to your face. The lightweight Mi VR Play comes in a variety of colors with a nice lycra finish and great styles to choose from.

Placing any iPhone on the headset’s display is easy. Just unzip the front cover and rest your smartphone on the two pads. There isn’t any major flaw in the design apart from a slight distraction. The device lets in light from either side of the left and right vision as there isn’t a curve to cover gaps. Also, since there is not much room in the headset, eyeglass wearers can find it rather uncomfortable.

A standard adjustable strap holds the device in position on your forehead. There’s a button that presses on your phone’s touchscreen to make the virtual reality work. There are no controllers, but you can always sync up your phone with Cardboard apps to support.

Price: $15

Freely VR Beyond

The Beyond, is capable of providing a 120-degree view using your iPhone with touch triggers for your games. The Freely headset for iPhone has been previously just for the Android users, but with Beyond it enters into the mobile virtual reality experience for the iPhone. Until Freely’s new FF3 headset is available, Freely VR Beyond is available at a much lower price.

The hybrid headset is designed to allow you to experience a mix of the virtual and the augmented. Removing the sides will give you a field vision of 180-degrees, thus allowing the user to access the peripheral view.

Price: $19.99

Another special mention in this price category is View-Master DLX VR – the first-ever virtual reality headset sold in Apple stores. The product is less available these days, but you can always pick it up from stores online. The DLX VR has redesigned its smartphone mount to work with most of the iPhone sizes and is now available in a couple of cool designs such as the Ninja Turtle and Batman skins.

BlitzWolf BR-VR3

The latest from BlitzWolf comes the stunning BR-VR3 with amazing comfort and stylish design. BlitzWolf BR-VR3’s make suitably places in most iPhones and their plus size variants.

The design can be adjusted according to the individual pupil distance of up to 300-degrees of nearsightedness. Upgraded lenses and soft leather padding surely make this headset worth the purchase.

Price: 23.99

Xiaozhai BoboVR Z4

Packed with built-in speakers for audio, BohoVR is the cheapest buy in the range. The 120-degree field vision is impressive at the price. The only catch is that your iPhone must be between four and six inches. The BohoVR Z4 Mini is suitable for the last two generations of iPhone. It is the same headset, but without speakers.

If your device works fine for this headset, then you can make use of the adjustable strap and the focus controls according to your needs.

Price: $32.99

The Bonus

Homido Virtual Reality Headset V2

Wrapped in a slimmer body, the Homido VR headset is compatible for all the iPhone users. The design offers a great 100-degree field view and is appropriate for eyeglass wearers looking for space inside virtual reality headsets. The faux leather provides comfort to the wearer. The interchangeable seal works well to offer the maximum adjustability.

To enhance your immersive gaming needs, you could get access to the new accessory series in the line from the manufacturer – the 360-degree camera and Bluetooth controllers (not included in the packaging).

Price: $59.99

And More

There are hundreds of apps in the Apple Store that lets you enjoy the amazing virtual reality experience with a good quality virtual reality headset for your vision. Some of the other great headsets for iPhone in the range include:

  1. UCVR 3D VR Glasses – It features three kinds of Fresnel optical lenses. The design and lightweight features make it very comfortable to wear.


  1. Habor 3D VR – Premium leather is used for its ergonomic head belt finish. It allows you to easily adjust pupil and object distance as required.


  1. Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses – The adjustable head strap and foam cushion makes this headset quite comfortable to wear. It also includes charging and earphone ports.


  1. Uniify UV002 Verge VR – The viewing angle of 120-degrees, lets you watch your favorite movies or games with ease.


So, which of the above would you prefer for your virtual reality experience? Let us know your choice and why?

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