Build a Solid Foundation with Your Customers by Implementing Verification Services to Protect Your Assets and Theirs

Taking steps to reduce fraud and provide a safe and secure experience helps to build a solid foundation for your customers. Implementing verification services will protect your assets and theirs. Having this type of service communicates to your customers that you care about their digital safety and are taking steps as a company to provide them with the most up to date technology for their protection.

Decrease Fraud Losses

When you verify customer IDs in real time you are creating an effortless customer experience that increases conversion rates and prevents fraud. Knowing the true identity of your customer allows you to detect suspicious and/or fraudulent transactions and creates a better user experience. Decreasing fraud losses helps create customer loyalty. It saves you valuable resources and gives the customer peace of mind.

Increase Operational Efficiency

A verification service improves operational efficiency and reduces cost. By having this service in place, it frees up the administrative burden of requesting, collecting, and processing the information needed for the customer. This frees up your employees’ time, as well as your own, to focus efforts on core tasks and leave the busy work to the verification service. More time can be dedicated to improving the customer experience and focusing on the service your company provides. As a manager or employer, you should always be looking for ways to increase your employees’ efficiency along with improving the customer experience.

Improve Customer Service

Verification services optimize the business process and improve customer experience. It is a win-win. This technology captures and verifies customer documents easily. You can create a safe environment that allows the customer to maximize their own time, not just saving time for your employees. They can securely and easily scan bills, bank statements, proof of residence, and any other essential data that needs to be collected. The customer no longer must drive across town to your brick and mortar office, spend valuable time on a phone call, or send important documents via snail mail. This frees up their time and yours and adds value to your company.  As more of the negative long wait time is eliminated you will increase your small business customer relationships by providing memories of efficiency and value.

Build a solid foundation for your customers by implementing verification services to protect your assets and theirs. There are many out there but services like Jumio’s Netverify provides an intuitive and satisfying user experience that takes less than a minute to complete, integrates seamlessly with a cross-platform support, offers secure data storage, supports a larger global community than any other solution, and offers expert help as you set up the system.  Adopting a verification service protects your customer from identity theft, gives them peace of mind, improves customer satisfaction, offers more positive interaction with your company, and acknowledges the value of their time. In addition, a verification service provides your company with fraud protection and increases employee efficiency thereby cutting company costs. When care is taken to assure the safety and security of the customer and the company, everyone walks away from a winner. Everyone except the identity thief that is.

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