Five Easy Ways to Fix Dropped Calls

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you enter certain places in your house, your phone’s cellular signal either weakens or disappears entirely? If so, you’re not alone. Signals may be strong outdoors, but as soon as you enter a building, there will always be times when cell signals get blocked for a variety of reasons. Below are five ways you can go about in fixing the problem of dropped calls.

Simply Move to a Different and Better Location

Location is often a key component of this kind of trouble. Keep track of where in the house does the signal is low. Once you’ve marked the place, simply move away from it and always keep that part of your house in mind. It will save you the frustration of dealing with terrible or non-existent cell coverage. You can also notice the same thing when taking or making calls when you are surrounded by electronics. Remember that these devices may play a role in interfering your signal.

Be Aware of What’s Going On with Your Phone

Sometimes, it may be because something is amiss with your phone. Verify your roaming settings. Perhaps it has been set to roam only. Maybe it could be looking for specific, available tower. Should your calling plan include limitless roaming, then set the phone towards roaming to any available tower. Remember that the more towers it searches, the higher chances of you getting much stronger or improved cellular reception.

Get a Signal Booster Kit

If your issue is particularly problematic, then maybe it is time for you to get a signal booster kit. Choosing the best signal booster kit for your wants and needs doesn’t have to be difficult either. Simply search your local stores, or better yet, go look for options and products online. There are multitudes of kits available for you at very affordable prices. You can then place it in specific areas of your house so that you don’t have to worry about avoiding any room in particular when making calls.

Hold Your Phone in an Upright Position

Are you aware that your phone still has an antenna? Unlike some older models, most mobile devices these days tend to have their antennas inside and you may be inadvertently blocking it. By holding your phone sideways or in a landscape position, you’re lowering your chances of getting a good signal. Fix this straight away by holding up your phone in an upright or vertical position. Trying out different holding position also helps.

Check with Your Wireless Provider

If there is anybody at all that can help you with these issues, it would be your wireless provider. Check with them if you are consistently experiencing this mess. Calling the technical support can easily provide you with answers as to why this is happening and how to fix it. In the event that even they can’t automatically solve things for you, then they may be able to at least shed some light on more potential solutions.

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