How Using Business Integration Software will Improve your Company

The increasing popularity of data analytics and data-driven culture in the corporate development seems to be one of the strongest trends of 2018. Actually, a recent study conducted by IBM has shown that about 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years. The huge amount of data, especially in the business sector, is the main reason why the use of data analytics tools has increased considerably among companies, regardless their domain of activity. So, if you are struggling with managing information coming from multiple sources, then using business integration software is probably the best choice. Here is why:

Rapid implementation and ease of use

If you have been operating in the business sector for a while now, you probably know that one of the most important resource when it comes to closing a deal is time. This means that no matter what you do and what software systems you use, what you must do is always think about streamlining your operations. This is something software service providers know, which is why rapid implementation has become a great selling point for their products. Furthermore, if you choose a business integration solution that is reliable and efficient, you are likely to be able to use it within days, without having to pay support and administration costs.

Improve company’s workflow

Choosing the right business integration tool means obtaining a better and more efficient workflow, at a glance. You will manage big data, file transfer process, ensure high security for all your data and integrate multiple format databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access DB, My SQL, Oracle). All these integrations are centrally managed and require no specialized tech knowledge.

Departments work better together

Having all the data integrated using one solution helps all the departments of a company stay connected to one another, thus improving collaboration between them. All the users of that software have access to the same information, which means they no longer need to exchange emails, access various accounts or create separate reports. All the data, coming from multiple sources, is stored in the same data warehouse and transformed into valuable insight for the company. This not only streamlines internal processes, but it also ensures the transparency so necessary in large corporations.

Become more approachable to potential customers

If you decide to start leveraging data in a smart way, by using business integration software, you will immediately become easier to do business with. This is due to the fact that you will get a better insight of your company’s operations, establish patterns and present potential customers accurate information regarding potential projects. It has been proven that most business projects fail because of poor onboarding and bad estimations. Through data analysis and integration you eliminate the need for tech support, so no more waiting for the IT department to aid decision makers. This way, you avoid a troublesome process that becomes an issue often scaring away partners.

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