The Top Ways to Spend Your Affiliate Profits

You finally have your affiliate marketing campaign humming and bringing in some cash. After all of the hours you spent developing your business, turning a profit is immensely satisfying and when the checks have three, four or even five figures, you want to use that extra income in the best way possible. If your affiliate […]

Vital SEO Tips after Penguin Algorithm Update

Google has started rolling out new series of Penguin update to nail spammers. Last year, Google rolled out Panda updates which killed many spammers, later earlier this year they deindexed major private networks. The indication is clear—Google’s next target is web spammers. This includes those who tried to manipulate searching engine ranking by means that […]

5 Things to Consider before Buying a new Laptop

Technology is growing with times, evidencing transformation. Same can be in computer world, previously we used to be happy with PC but now the whole criteria are changed as people are upgrading themselves for using Laptop. Recent years showed advancement in Laptops and the reason behind increased purchasing trends is its portability which makes it […]

Improve the Bounce Rate of your Blog or Website with Right Colour Selection

90% of the visitors bounce back from a blog because of the opening visual impact it gives! Right colour selection improves the adsense earnings of your blog! Image of a Brand is visualised through its logo colour! Amazed with one or more of the above facts? It is indeed obvious. When I first designed my […]

Hone your YouTube Video

Are you aware that YouTube can boost traffic and get you noticed with the help of its videos? Yes, it is true. But, all said and done, your video is not going to find its rightful worth of viewers without proper conditioning, I mean optimizing is to reach its full audience. Google’s newly discovered exuberance […]

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Blogging Time

Here is a fact that, while most bloggers wouldn’t want to admit it, is unfortunately true. Most of us, and by us, I mean people that spend a large chunk of their time writing for blogs, don’t make a great deal of money as writers. Of course there are always exceptions to that rule, but […]

Pinterest Pictures for Your Business: Images that Intrigue the Viewer

Pinterest Pictures for Your Business: Images that Intrigue the Viewer More than 12 million people currently use Pinterest and this graphics based platform continues to scale the popularity charts. As the word spreads about this site, more people intrigued by the buzz around it are jumping onto the bandwagon to know exactly what it is […]

The Upsides and Downsides of the Twitter Habit

Living in the information age, social media like Facebook and Twitter have become indispensable tools. We can now connect, communicate and promote easily, even stay up-to-date by the second. Social networks are some of the best innovations in the past century, and they might even be useful for another hundred years. Intended for concise thoughts […]

Why Aimless Blogging is Killing Your Profit

Most professional bloggers will suggest you to blog about anything that you like. However, most newbie bloggers often misinterpret this message. Instead of building a blog in a niche that they are passionate about, they build an aimless blog that follows their whims or whatever comes to their mind. And I will tell you that […]

The Best and Free Android Apps for Every Basic User

The Best and Free Android Apps for Every Basic User Android has become one of the most widely used operating system for mobile phones today. The operating system was launched by Google. This is the only operating system for mobile devices that can match up with Apple’s iOS. The operating system is much faster and […]