Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs And Features

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs – World’s Next Most Powerful Android Smartphone NOTE: The Samsung Galaxy S3 specs here haven’t been revealed. We will revise this post as soon as the phone continues to be given the official jerk. Samsung, the brand which needs no introduction, is now all set to give a big blow in the […]

Why go for IntenseDebate Comment System on blogger?

One of the major drawbacks of blogger platform I personally feel is that the Commenting System is very poor in terms of functionality as compared to WordPress. And I think that it lacks in several other functions too like it does not shows Avatars, it gets less comments as it is not much user-friendly, etc. […]

Why Facebook Bought Instagram?

Instagram, the popular online image website has now been acquired by Facebook. The popular news is there all over the internet. People are eager to know about it and the keyword is getting hits from all over the globe. The Instagram, the image related site, having the user database of about 40 million people, has […]

How To Choose a Blog Niche?

Technorati Claim Code – 2W5CW5DF27HC As many of you already knew, there are thousands of blogs created everyday. The purpose of creating of each blog is difference. It could be to talking about love, technology, journalism, science, etc. Or just a feeling on the movie that they like. When you start a blog, chose a […]

Top 5 Android Smartphones

Android, the no.1 mobile operating system by search Giant Google, has now made its space in every individual’s pocket. If you are thinking to buy a smartphone, then Android smartphones must be at the top of your wish list. But there are many Android smartphones in the market, and rush of too many Android Smartphones, […]

What do you Get and Lose when becoming a Blogger?

There are thousands of blogs created every day, and the number seems increasing, not decreasing. I wonder what makes blogs so attractive. I see that people usually do something when it is beneficial to them. And I’m sure blogging is also bringing to bloggers something value. What is it? Money? Of course, blogger can make […]

How Guest Posts are Good for your Blog?

It may appear that publishing content for others on your blog is a huge favour to give. The fact however, is that guests posts are a free form of learning and earning through someone else’s research and content. Guest blogs allow the blog owners to maintain and elevate their self-esteem by offering free space to […]

Why Pinterest Booming Like Addiction? [Infographics]

No one fully understood the fact that Pinterest has grown so rapidly in such a short time, after all it is a fairly simple social network based mainly in the images. But maybe that is exactly the key to its success. Column Five has created a computer graphics in which addiction is examined Pinterest compared […]

General-Files.Com – Download Free Movies, Music, Games, Videos, MP3 Etc.

The internet is growing very fast day by day. Billions of people use the internet daily for various purposes. The big majority of the internet users use it to search for files such as pdf books, wallpapers, videos, free software, music etc. Finding this content on the web is not an easy task, as most […] – Make Your Own Website For Free

Now it is always a strong desire to create your own website for showing our own friends, or gain some exposure, build profit and even and do many more things but most of the people get struck at a point as they do not have any kind of technical knowledge about coding, hosting or even […]