Time to take BackUp Data from Facebook, Twitter and other Networking Sites

Today almost each and everyone are using some or other social networking sites like google+, facebook. Twitter, Picasa etc. You become so excited to share your photo, ideas, project with your friends. But have you ever thought that if all these data get vanish from my account then I mean, if in case your account […]

How to Speed Up your Computer in 5 Easy Way?

Slow processing speed of personal computer irritates a lot. Really, it seems to give a tight punch on the CPU, monitor but unfortunately we can’t do so. Many times you must have faces this situation or might be still facing. But as I don’t like to work on slow processing system I rendered a solution, […]

Making a Website for AdSense only

Making a website for AdSense only You are treading on dangerous ground when you make a website specifically for a high CTR rate in the adverts that are there. The problem with doing a website only for the adverts is that it might not have any specific content and this will result in Google having […]

How to install Android or run as live CD on PC or Netbook

As we all know that android based phones are so popular in the market with their features and flexibility. Now with lots of new Android tablet PCs popping up every week, you can now have this excellent OS on your tablets as well. However, going one more step ahead, have you ever tried the same […]

iPhone 5 Features & Specifications – Why to go for it?

iPhone 5 Features & Specifications iPhone is one of most acknowledged and well-loved mobile phones of our time, and likely produces large numbers for The apple company Inc. each year. With 37 thousand iPhones marketed in the past three several weeks alone, the iPhone is one of those products that regularly produces discussion, whether it […]

12 Excellent Cloud-Based Tools To Be Productive

Excellent Cloud-Based Tools In the olden days, say about a few years ago, the only mode to transfer the data or to communicate throughout the world was through FTP, IM or email. But the times have changed now and we are blessed with the cloud computing technology. However, not everyone is aware of the word […]

What to Expect from the iPad 3

What to Expect from the iPad 3 Waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s over now. Apple ipad 3 is getting launched today. So now we can see ipad 3 for real, we can feel the sensation of new ipad3 for real. We can do the stuff that we are planning for while ago to do with ipad3. […]

Effective Internet Marketing Wins The Sale

Effective Internet Marketing Tips Here are some ground rules to keep you from driving away your followers while running an effective affiliate network internet marketing campaign considering an affiliate network is excellent as they can help you make a little extra cash off of that site you already pour hours into. But shilling out for […]

How to Write Great Content that People Will Read

All bloggers say “Content is King”. Is it really true? Well, I don’t think so.. In my opinion, “Readable content is King” not just content. Once again saying, Readable content is king – not just content. What’s the use if you have content which no one reads? Is there any use of it? So try to create readable […]

5 Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Every Penny

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the planet and one of the reasons we find it so likable is because of the vast amount of themes and plugins we can install to suit our needs. There are thousands of free plugins available from the WordPress repository for free but in this post, I’d like to share my experience with some premium plugins that have made a huge difference in my blog.